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    I tried deleting from Apple id leaving just the first part like you did but it's rejected, no such id. I also changed my password, just in case but that didnt help either. I dont know how it worked for others, no luck for me :( Any other thoughts?



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    Hey Darksider and Add28,


    Your Apple ID mustn't your eMail address without the part.


    In my case it was a completely different Name...


    You can try to find your Apple ID (this non eMail Address Apple ID) searching old eMails with keyword "Apple ID" in the Subject. I found 2 Mails from Apple regarding my ID and voila! There was my "old" one that worked for me ;-)


    Hope you'll find yours as well.





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    ADD28, I would maybe try searching through your email inbox searching for "Apple" to see if you can find the email Apple sent you or you can try this link:-



    which should re-direct you automatically to:-



    and that is the "My Apple ID" page which lets you do things to your ID.


    Hope it helps,



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    I figured it out. I had the thought that I might have used my junk email account for game center. I tried adding it to my email list in game center. That wasn't working until I completely logged out of game center and re loged in with my junk email acount address. That did the trick. All is good now. So now I guess I have two accounts.

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    Same issue.  My son upgraded his iPhone to iOS5,  restored, etc.  All was well until he went to sign into Game Center.  It told him he needed a new nickname, he tried his old nickname and it said it was in use.  He put in a new one, but lost friends, acheivements, etc.  The old nickname is in the cloud hapily playing his games, but is now disassociated from his Apple ID.  His friends can see his nickname and games in progress, but he can't get access.


    I have been searching the web to find a way to get support from Apple on this.  It doesn't appear to be a supported product either online or by phone.  There must be thousands of orphaned nicknames in the Game Center system with no means to get them back, delete them, etc. 


    I read the thread about users having other apple IDs.  No such luck.  My son has one, I was meticulous in setting up his accounts with him so that we could hopefully avoid having problems maintaining his online self.   I have tried restoring the phone, logging him in on a different device.


    What to do?  I am at a loss...

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    Not exactly a solution but it brings some hope. After everything I tried failed I gave up and entered new nickname. Suprisingly, my friends, points and achievements were waiting for me there, I didn't lose anything but the nickname so I'm happy. Good luck for all and cheers.

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    Same problem here, my daughter's nickname no longer works, and GameCenter says that it 'belongs to another account'. I tried resetting my password to a longer one using Apple standards, but no luck.


    Even created a new nickname, but the game saves are not there, all the games start as new. Whats going on here?

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    I'm having this exact same problem but I only have one email that I use everything with. I used my Apple ID and nothing worked. I can't figure out what to do and I really don't want to start over on all my achievements. Especially having just gotten a rainbow dragon in Dragonvale. Please help

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    I had the same issue and figured it out by using my iTunes email address and it worked.  Is it true that the GameCenter does not carry scores from 1 device to another?  I would like to play Angry Birds on my iPad at the same levels I play on my iPhone.  Anybody know?

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    I've been using iTunes email for game center all the while, which is also same with apple ID.
    Now it force me to recreate my Nickname, which i already did and now i lost all my achievement and friend how do i undo this.....

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    I have the same problem others have described.  After I upgraded to iOS 5 I signed into a game, really to see if it saved my stuff and it asked me for a new id.  My old id said it was taken.  When I put in a new id all my stuff was gone.  And like a previous user, I lost my DragonVale.  This is disaster.  I do not have a second email address.  I update stuff often and am used to typing in my apple id and password. 

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    It would help if there was some place to type in your original Game Center id then see what email was associated with it.  I believe this would help some people.

  • wolverin99 Level 1 (0 points)

    It would help if there was some place to type in your original Game Center id then see what email was associated with it.  I believe this would help some people.

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    This is not the question people are asking here. We have lost our nicknames and trying to get them back.

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    This is what worked for me. After the iOs 5 update your Appel ID became the default login for Game Center. Which may suffice for new users. But if you want to get access to your old account, you will have to login with your nickname instead. With the password you acquired when you first registered. I had changed the password of my Appel ID in the meantime, so it took some trail and error before I had figured that out.