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Something isn't syncing to my iPod and I have no idea how to find out exactly what track it is. Earlier today I plugged in my iPod and it didn't have enough room to fit everything that was syncing automatically, so when I got that message I just pressed "OK" (or something like that) and let it run until I could disconnect it; I erased some music videos to make room for the songs and plugged it back in and I have enough memory now but one track is not syncing.

Does anyone know how I can find the track that isn't going on the iPod so I can figure out what the problem with it is? There's a video file under "Movies" that can't be synced but it has to be a music file since the only tab I have checked off on the iPod menu is "Sync Music". They should put out a 250GB for $160 instead of the other way around.

Any and all help is appreciated. Thanks

iPod Classic 160 GB, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Just for clarification on the issue:

    There are 20887 items on my iTunes ("Music" tab only, I have some Podcasts but they don't sync to my iPod). I just synced my iPod and under the "Music" tab it says there are 20886; before I wrote the first post, the iPod would sync fine, and would be a perfect mirror image of my iTunes. Ever since then however, one track refuses to sync and because I have no idea what happened to cause this issue I have no idea how to locate the track on my iTunes that is not syncing. Is there some preference/method/third-party app that will allow me to pinpoint the song and take care of whatever's wrong with it from there?

    Any and all help is appreciated as this is quite frustrating. Thanks
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    The song that won't sync is probably unchecked. You can check/uncheck all displayed songs using ctrl-click on a checkbox, or if you want to find it then you can use some smart playlists. Create a smart playlist with the rule *Playlist is Music* and the option *Match only checked tracks* and call this playlist Checked. Now create a smart playlist matching all the rules *Playlist is Music* and *Playlist is not Checked* (if necessary clear the option to match checked tracks) and call this playlist Unchecked. All unchecked tracks will be here.

    If that doesn't solve things then the other possibility that comes to mind is that you've created two library entries for the same physical file. In this case only one file is placed on the device during syncing. One way to narrow down the search for these entries is to hold down the shift key and then select *File... Display Exact Duplicates*. iTunes will display files with matching details, one pair of which could be the culprit. For each pair examine the Get Info. Summary tab to see if both have the same location. If so, delete one entry while not letting iTunes delete the underlying file so the other can remain connected.