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Just after the update i put on charge the phone for the whole night. Once i woke up i started 3GS and EDGE and went to work (45 minuts). Arrived at the office and battery was at 98% (thats strange cause without doing anything with 4.0.2 battery percentage was at 100% even after 45 minutes.

Started reading mail and doing some web surfing and boom, i've lost aprox 6% of batery in just 1 hour. I can assure this is not the "normal" behaviour i got with 4.0.2....

In some italian forum are starting to rising posts with the same issue but not for all 3GS model. Someone has not seen any changes in battery life, i did

PowerBook G4 1.5, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Ever since I updated to OS4 - my battery life reading is ********. I lose 10% of battery within 30 minutes....this is just sending a few text messages and playing the ipod. There was no change at all when I updated to 4.1! IMO it actually got worse I have the 16GB iPhone.
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    Same here - I have a 3GS and the battery ***** dry by the end of the day with even minimal use. I heard that this result was reported immediately after the update was released by early installers. When will this madness end?
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    When i restore i find gamecenter in multitasking O_O
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    Since I have to update it with the backup ios 4.1 is known that without an unjustified increase in battery.
  • Benna Level 1 (15 points)
    I have restored my phone as NEW phone (witohut using a backup) and i've NEVER opened Game Center. I have definetly solved the battery problem, the only side effect is i've lost all my sms (f**k).
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    hi just wonderin wether people who have the issues like i do with stupidly fast battery drain have had their 3gs jailbroken in the past?

    mine was and now nomatter how much i restore i have like 400mb of "other" data in my phone that i cant erase, and i suspect that that may be the cause.

    the only other cause i can think of is the updated baseband causing problems as the problem persists when downgrading back to 4.0.1 with or without restoring
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    No, JB does not affect in draining battery. I never did it and like me there are hundreds of other people on www.iphoneitalia.com in the same situation (no JB but massive battery draining), this is for sure!
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    must be the baseband