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  • ortimer Level 1 (0 points)
    So after about a week of not being able to listen to my iPhone via the USB connection, today the head unit in my car experienced an "awakening." Just for kicks, when I got in my car this morning I decided to connect my iPhone and to my surprise not only did it play through my Eclipse unit -- the response time was even better than it had been under 4.0 (song/artist/album lists loaded and scrolled faster). I parked my car for about an hour and when I came back it still worked. I then parked my car again for about four hours and unfortunately I couldn't get it to connect again (once again, the head unit flashed "Reading" repeatedly). I then tried every possible variation I could think of but was unable to duplicate the morning's results. During the past few days I had been connecting my 2G Nano to the head unit so I started to think that maybe that had somehow facilitated the handshake between the iPhone and the Eclipse but after various attempts it proved not to be the case. So now I'm back to square one -- having witnessed a minor yet temporary miracle.
  • propjoc Level 1 (0 points)
    This is complete bs. The only reason I went out a year ago and paid $300 for a new car stereo was to play my music using a USB connection. Like everyone else, it no longer works after upgrading to IOS4. I called Apple. Their answer:get a new stereo. What happens when IOS5 comes out. Are we all supposed to run down and spend another $300. Between all the issues with the iphone 4 and now this, I am starting to wonder about Apple.
  • willjl0 Level 1 (10 points)
    I called apple support. Their response on the issue was they do not guarantee all iPhone accessories will work after their updates. Wow really? I wonder if the other vendors are aware of this policy. The support rep actually said to go buy another car stereo...
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    I can understand not being able to always be backwards compatible for all but the basic audio functions.

    What really boggles my mind is that I can't charge anymore. How different could that be with a software update? It's just charging. That should be so basic, it shouldn't ever change unless the hardware changes (like when they switch from FireWire to USB and the pin assignments changed).

    It's basically making my iPhone useless, because My battery dies before the end of the day, everyday.
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    Did somebody tried with iOs 4.2 Beta? It is available on Google...
  • ortimer Level 1 (0 points)
    According to a post on the following thread 4.2 beta fixes the problem.

    Now how do non-developers get 4.2 beta without messing up their phone?
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    I urge everyone to call Apple support at 800-2275-2273 so this issue gets some traction. Basic car audio functionality and the ability to charge the phone isn't asking alot and everything worked fine before updating to ios 4.1. Apple needs to adhere to some standards so accessories designed for iPhones do not break compatibility. Every time we want to buy a gadget that docks with an iPhone do we have second guess its compatibility and wonder it it will still have value a few months down the road when the next update is rolled out or are we supposed to stay (or downgrade)to an older ios with all the bugs and security vulnerabilities? Why do we have to make this choice? It should just "work".

    It is completely misleading and unfair to the consumer to spend $300 or more on a car stereo which claims it's certified as "iPhone Ready" and then on the next iPhone update it's functionality is rendered useless. Most car audio companies do not offer firmware or software updates after the equipment leaves the factory and from reading the various posts online it seems Apple will not claim responsibility either.

    Sure, I can use the audio port on my car stereo and still listen to mp3s from my iPhone but that's a workaround and not a fix to the problem they created. But if that's the case, then I might as well use one of the other smart phones that are gaining market share to so the same. If Apple is going to give up on assuring accessories are future proof to updates then maybe I will give up on Apple.
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    I called USA Spec, the company that makes my iPhone interface for my factory radio. They had me mail the interface to them to check out. It turns out that they had to install a fuse to the unit, otherwise the charging capability doesn't work for my iPhone. Appearently that was something that wasn't a requirement in the past.

    They did the work for free. It only cost $5 shipping each way. That's good customer service! Check those guys out if anyone is having problems getting updates to their interface.
  • willjl0 Level 1 (10 points)
    Nice, glad to hear it works. Can do it on my Alpine though it's a direct connection not using USA Spec.
  • willjl0 Level 1 (10 points)
    I called Apple support again. The Representative said they are 'aware' of the problems ios 4.1 is causing with all the car stereos but would not comment on when or if there will be a fix. In a round about way, he carefully suggested downgrading, (they can't officially recommend that option) but that's pretty much impossible at this point. Almost all companies that release software patches or updates at least give you the option to rollback or restore completely. Not Apple, they go out of there way to prevent it..
  • politicalslug Level 1 (15 points)
    I managed to fix the problem, but it's not something most of you are going to have the luxury of doing. I downgraded my iPhone4 back to iOS4.0.1. The restores and resets weren't helping, and while turning on airplane mode helped a bit, it didn't fully stop the distortion and skipping, not to mention you lose the ability to use your phone as a phone and you can say goodbye to streaming (Pandora, etc.). If you know how to downgrade I recommend doing so, if you don't, I'm sorry.
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    Exact same for me, I just upgraded today and my malibu plays music for 30 seconds and stops, disconnect and replug in and the same happens, did you find a fix? Pretty annoying that I can't listen to my playlists in the car anymore...
  • absinthed Level 1 (5 points)
    Incase anyone doesnt know, I am testing the 4.2 IOS for the Iphone, and I can confirm that the constant and erratic cutting out of the music has ceased and we are back to blissful audio goodness.
    New IOS update will be available soon and will fix all those problems.
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    Just updated to 4.2.1 and my Eclipse (see 1st post) still doesn't work!!!!!!!!! Grrrrr Apple