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Yesterday and while my ipad's battery was on 25% i decided to charge it i realized that it was not charging i tried to connect it on my imac and it was not appearing under my devices , tried several dock cables no change ,the ipad was working fine with the remaining battery until it was drained , at some point i even tried a restore it didnt help now my battery is drained and i cant do anything with it no way to charge it or sync it no matter what , strange enough when i hook the devide i see the apple logo on the screen but nothing else is happening even if the ipad is turned off hooking brings the apple logo, but thats it . Now i am stucked since last night on a cycle of having the empty battery sign on screen and showing the apple logo for a while and back to the battery sign ......in complete desperation .

ipad, iOS 4
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    My Ipad is also unable to charge or detected by itunes. I have used the provided 10 watt charger but to no avail. I purchased my ipad in the USA, however i Lived in Jakarta, Indonesia. Please tell me the nearest apple repair center in my country or neighboring country. Hope my questions will be answered promptly. Thank you.
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    If you're directing your comment/question at Apple then you won't get an answer from them. This is a user to user support forum and Apple does bot respond directly to posts here. If you have a question for them then you will need to contact Apple customer service directly.
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    Could your IPAD be restored, as since past 3 weeks i have the same issue, with no help or resolution in sight.I brought My Ipad 64 3g from US and its not been launched in India, nor supported.SO now iam struck with a dead paperweight.

    Apple's international support is nonexistent and just a lip service,they better support their toys ( as such unreliable products surely cannot be used for work )
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    Coba aja disini

    eStore – Ratu Plaza Apple Authorised Service Provider
    Ratu Plaza IT eMall, Ground Floor No. 9,
    Jl Jendral Sudirman Kavling No. 9, Jakarta Indonesia 10270
    Tel: 62 21 7279.7747
    Fax: 62 21 7279.6148
    Email: service@estoreindonesia.com
    Web: http://www.estoreindonesia.com
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    I have just experienced / experiencing the same problem....! Did you get this resolved?


    All was well with IPad and went to sync some apps etc and no recognition of iPad on iMac and the same symptoms as you described across everything you have tried....