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I'm thinking of upgrading my 3G to the new 6G but I'm curious about the On The Go Playlist. I use it a LOT for my absolute favourite songs and it's really easy to edit on my ipod now. Just hold down a song to add it or delete it from the playlist. But looking through the 6G user guide I'm trying to figure out how to create something similar. It looks like I'd have to create a smart playlist that keeps all my 5 star songs (On The Go playlist on the 3G) together and then one for all my 4 star songs (Top Rated playlist on the 3G). Then I have to mark my FAV fav songs as 5 stars, the others as 4 and leave the rest in my library. It'll take some time going through everything and restaring things.

Does anyone else have a system for this?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.4.9)
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    Are u sure it has no "on-the-go" function?
    maybe some1 here with a 6G can confirm this
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    I don't have one yet, I was reading through the user manual and didn't see mention of it. So I was curious if there was one before I bought one.
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    I don't see the on the go playlist but from the playlist menu you can add a playlist through the top of the menu that says add. It is better than on the go.
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    This is one of the things I checked out at the Apple Store. You can definitely create playlists on the device. You can even edit them by rearranging songs and deleting them. (Try that on a Zune HD. Its only editing option is to delete the playlist and start over from scratch.)
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    This is a mixed bag. You can created and edit all of your current playlists, which is a step up from previous nanos. However, it's does not offer the ability to easily "tag" a song like you can with on-the-go. If you like on-the-go, I'd recommend you check out the process for editing playlists at your local Apple Store. Personally, I'm not a fan of the new method -- entirely too many steps.
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    Playlist creation is more like: Go in to the playlist menu, select add, then you can browse by artists/albums/genres/songs etc. Then you can add songs individually or "all". It's very easy to add/edit them, so I'm a fan..

    You can even go to itunes and rename the playlist.
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    If you are used to iPod Nano 3G, i recomend buying the 5G. Thisone lacks a lot of things, like Photos, Videos, Games and Calendar.