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iTunes 10 appears to be calculating free space incorrectly on devices. This can range from 'not enough space to sync' type of messages for music, movies, and photos - even when there is plenty of space available. (like when trying to sync a 50k photograph, with 1.7 GB free).

Near as I can tell, this is caused by using the 'compress to 128-bit' option for your music. It appears that iTunes is using an incorrect estimate, or is using the full file size, to estimate what will be on the ipod, rather than looking at the ipod to see what it really reports.

The result for me is that I'm completely unable to sync photographs, and syncing movies needs at least 2-4 GB left free on the device.

Anyone else seeing similar errors or have a different theory?

Mac Book pro i7 15, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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