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i really like the iBooks app for reading eBooks and have considered creating my own ePub documents as books that i might sell through my website or attempt to submit for publication.

as a photographer, i would love to create ebook versions of some of my photography books, but my photographs are often landscape oriented. and when you turn the iPad to its landscape orientation, the app shows two side-by-side portrait oriented pages. is there any way to force the iBooks app to show just a single portrait oriented page? when you view books in the iBook app on the iPhone in landscape mode, it shows a single landscape oriented page. it would be nice to have this option on the iPad as well.

showing landscape oriented photos on a portrait oriented page causes the photos to be resized too small and doesn't help to maximize the use of screen real estate.

any way to suggest this to Apple as a feature for the iBooks app?


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    Strange. I downloaded a .pdf brochure for some camping trailers. The booklet is in a landscape format (pages are actually 8.5" wide by 5.5" tall)and displays properly in iBooks one page at a time when the ipad is in "Landscape" orientation. Since the last programming I did was in Fortran, I can't help much but I presume there is some type of embedded command in the book data itself which results in this. You might look into that. The only thing I see is that the brochure is saved/created by "Acrobat Distiller 8.1.0" and the application is "PScript5.dll Version 5.2.2" - if that helps any.

    I haven't tried it, but what would happen if you opened your book in portrait mode (the photo would presumably be "sideways") and then flipped the "Screen lock" button? Rotating the iPad at that point should allow proper landscape viewing.

    Also, If you imported the photos as a "Photo Album" instead of a book, you could view each individual photo in landscape mode from the "Photo" app. You couldn't import them as a "Book" per se, but at least it would allow viewing in the proper orientation.

    I agree, there should be a "switch" in iBooks where you could turn on "View single page in landscape mode", "View 2 pages at a time", etc. as in most .pdf readers.
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    I hope they do something to fix the landscape problem.  Why can kindle, nook, kobo have a one page landscape and not apple?  You would think they would be comparable to the other ibooks.

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    If you want to view your pdf file in iBooks on your iPad open the pdf file in Preview go to Tools and flip right.  The trouble with this method is that you have to do each page because if you select All the only page that is flipped is the first one.  Though this sounds very cumbersome it doesn't take that long as you just hit Command and R.


    I flipped 100 pages in about two minutes.  Once flipped drag the file to iTunes sync your iPad and you will have the pdf file in iBooks filling the whole iPad screen.  Good luck.

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    I assume you do this in iTunes, not from iPad after books are loaded.  If iPad, where  do i find preview and tools on iPad?

    Thanks for the info. 

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    As I said above you open the pdf file in Preview.  If you clik on the pdf document on your desk top it should open in Preview automatically then you flip it as described then drag the flipped pdf file onto the iTunes icon in your Dock.  After you have synced your iPad you will find the pdf in portrait mode.  It is really simple.  All this assumes you are using a Mac.  If you are using a PC then you will need to use something other than Preview.

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    i generally purchase ebooks from the Apple store and they download automatically.  They do not transfer from my computer as PDF files. Other ebooks that are transferred by my computer through Adobe don't have an orientation problem.  Only ebooks from the iBook store

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    Sorry I did not realise you were talking about iBooks from the Apple store.  I was referring to documents that I create myself that I want on my iPad in my iBooks library.