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Hi all --

I recently upgraded my iphone to 4.1 and lost most of my contacts. The contacts are also gone from the address book on my mac. Any ideas on what I can do? I have a backup file from a month ago. What happens when I restore form backup? I don't want to resync my music.


iOS 4
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    Restoring from backup rolls your phone back to the way it was a month ago, so you would still lose anything you did in the last month.

    Another option--google for iphone backup extractor--there are several--and use one to pull the contacts from the backup file and restore them to your computer address book.
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    Don't know about Mac, but similar thing happened to my wife last night on a PC running XP and Outlook 2007. Turns out the update have created another "folder" in contacts and transferred the contacts there. It then tried to sync with the former, now empty folder and resulted in no contacts on the phone. Once we copied all the contacts back to the correct folder (one that was empty after 4.1 update) and synced the phone again, all the contacts were restored.

    See if your Mac address book also supports multiple folders, and if one was created against your will during the update. If that is the case, it will contain all your missing contacts.