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Our network at work is totally windows. I do have a mac and can connect and do what I need to just fine.

My problem is that my iPad cannot connect to our network wirelessly because the wireless controller requires the device to be joined to the Windows domain. We do have a guest wireless network which I can connect to - but it only allows me to connect out to the Internet - not to any hosts inside our network.

Can an iPad be joined to a Windows domain?

Thanks in advance for any help.


iPad, iPhone OS 3.1.2
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    If the security on your wireless network requires that the device actually be joined to the domain, then no, to the best of my knowledge there's no way to do that. But most wireless systems that use AD authentication just require the domain credentials, not that the device actually be part of the domain. I have my iPad connected to our wireless and all I needed was my AD login credentials. Check with your IT department and see if that would be the case with your network. If not, and it really does require that the device be on the domain, then they're really limiting access to your network, since there are many devices, including most smartphones and PDAs, that lack any ability to be actually joined to an AD domain.

    Note, though, that your iPad can't access file shares on servers as you could with a Windows or Mac laptop, so there may well not be any assets you would be able to access even if you could get connected to your company's secured wireless.


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    You can access your shares via Filebrowser http://www.stratospherix.com/
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    This roughly seems to sum up my issues.


    I just got a used iPad for my birthday and I have been using it a LOT at work, on location IT notes etc, as papers tend to get lost or mixed in with others.  The problem I have is I was able to join the wireless just fine, but even with proxy information in place, the ONLY connection I really get is with twitter and my exchange account.  I cannot browse ANY websites, access my gmail, or connect to the apple store. The proxy is configured to allow these things, however I think without actually having the iPad list itself in the AD tree, the proxy will not apply. 


    It clearly shows in the DHCP but I think unless there is an app that I don't think exists, this is pretty much where I am stuck.


    Anyone know if this has changes since the last poster about a year ago?

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    To connect to a WPA-Enterprise wireless networkand access certain applications, you might have to transfer the Windows personal and your company's domain domain certificates to your iPad.  You can use the iPhone Certificate Utility to do so:  http://www.apple.com/support/iphone/enterprise/

    There may be MANY domain certificates for your company that iCU finds.  Transfer them ALL.

    Good luck.

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    In this thread, i see three different things mixed up


    1) connect the company's intranet

    This step is the hardest as it depends heavily on the security your company applies. Solutions range from simple userID/password schemes, over more complex VPN configs with or without certficates upto to special security apps generating one-time tokens.


    2) once being connected to the intranet, getting Access to  files on Windows fileservers

    This is the rather easy part: there are several  apps to browse files on an AD file share, one example was already mentioned above: "Filebrowser". Search for it in the AppStore.


    3) being connected to the company's intranet trying to access the outside world aka Internet (gmail, Apple store...)

    As in 1) this heavily depends on the Security setting your company's network administrator applies. To get from the Intranet to the Internet most probably you have to pass through a FW. A HTTP proxy helps in doing so. In most cases a manual HTTP proxy config with the right authentication credentials will do the job. For details in your Intranet environment get in contact with your network admin. In certain situations it might even be, that getting out is simply forbidden: Eg I had the case when dialing in to the intranet from the internet via VPN going out again was forbidden, simply due to bandwidth (tromboning) reasons. In those cases just close the VPN and you're on the Internet.

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    I Dont know but there are various Microsoft apps like word and PowerPoint etc.