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I just bought an Acer K11 mini projector. Tried to hook it up with my MacBook (white, 2008) over a Mini DVI to DVI adapter and a DVI to HDMI cable (HDMI goes into the projector), but the projector doesn't recognize a signal. The same cable/MacBook combination is working fine with my LCD-TV. So I guess the cables are okay.
When I connect the projector over VGA (Mini DVI to VGA adapter and the VGA to VGA cable, which came with the projector), everything is working fine. So this means, the MacBook generally recognizes the Acer K11.

My guess was, that the projectors HDMI port must have some problem. So I tried to hook up my second Mac, a MacBook Pro (2009), using a Mini Display Port to DVI adapter and the same DVI to HDMI cable I used with the MacBook. And I couldn't believe, this worked like a charm.

So, fact is, the Acer K11's HDMI port doesn't talk to the MacBook or vice versa. But TV's HDMI port does. And Acer K11's HDMI port DOES talk to the MacBook Pro.
(BTW, both Macs have Mac OS 10.6.4 installed.)

Of course I'm familiar with the displays preference pane and tried all the settings.

Does anyone have an explanation for that behaviour? Or even better, a solution to make it work?

Mac OS X (10.6.4)