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I have the iPhone 3GS and it was snycing fine, no problem prior to downloading iTunes 10.0. Since downloading iTunes 10.0 my iPhone will not go into snyc mode.


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Gateway, Windows XP
  • mmoore_jcdaytona Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Me too. I had this exact same experience. I have a 3G and as soon as I installed iTunes 10 I can't sync anymore. Can't figure out how to fix the problem.
  • dcvet Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I have a similar situation. iTunes 10 was downloaded and installed on the XP box I use to sync the iPhone (3GS). The sync has been nothing short of problems since the download. This coincided with the OS upgrade to 4.1. Been messing with these problems all day, and still no clear resolution found.

    The install of 4.1 failed due to some "device problem". It wiped everything off the iPhone, and had to restore from factory settings (the only choice that was provided on iTunes 10. I started to rebuild the iPhone apps, music, photos, etc., and still experiencing problems with the sync - too many problems to list here. In a nutshell, iTunes 9 and the sync was a cluge before, it's worse now!$*$^+@(*$Q)*(&@@
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    Having all the same issues. Can't sync because itunes won't recognize my phone as a device. This *****!!!
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    Same deal - "UPgraded" to iTunes 10 and cannot sync, not recognizing iPhone when plugged in, links to sync are gray. UUUUURG!!!!!!!!!!
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    Me, too, same problem. I tried all the troubleshooting ideas offered including re-installing iTunes. iTunes just won't recognize my iPhone anymore. One other (possibly related) weird thing: since I upgraded iTunes, it often crashes when I open the application, with an error message saying that my webcam driver is the problem. I don't have any webcam other than what's built-in, so I don't know how to upgrade the driver (or why I should have to if it is all Apple software trying to talk to each other). I just want to sync my iPhone!
  • dcvet Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    Further to the problems with syncing and iTunes 10. I could not restore from a previous backup copy. kinda makes one wonder, what's the point?

    I restored the phone to its original factory setting, that means, no photos, no videos, nothing.

    The iTunes had in its application tabs, the apps that were on the iPhone, so I was able to sync those back to the phone. That took about 1.5 hours for 65 apps.

    Then I tried to delete the calendars, notes and contacts because it kept complaining about duplicate entries, so I disabled the outlook sync, which when I did, warned that all data would be deleted from the phone. After the sync, the data was still there.

    Reset the phone to factory settings, and started again....

    At this point, apps are back, contacts, notes, calendars are back, ringtones are back. What's not back are iBooks (kept crashing), no music, no videos (kept crashing when syncing videos), and photos (kept timing out after about 400 photos).

    The entire setup, iTunes, iPhone, sync is now a completely different animal prior to 4.1 and 10. There are definitely bugs with both OS and iTunes, and I can only hope that a fix will materialize soon.
  • dcvet Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)
    I removed iTunes 10 from my system, and re-installed iTunes 9.2. I am able to sync, although there are some problems with syncing the large image directories as the device still times out. I suspect that this is a new "feature" introduced in the 4.1 OS. At least the other issues faced using iTunes 10 are now gone. Now, if I can only go back to 4.0.2...
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    Having the same problem - after the download, iTunes does not recognize my iPhone. I also went through all of the troubleshooting, removed and reinstalled all of the software and still nothing. Will they need to release a new version of the software to fix the problem??? Now I'm totally stuck.
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    My phone will still sync everything except my purchased ringtones. any suggestions?
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    Update on my situation: I tried uninstalling iTunes 10 according to these instructions and re-installing version 9.2.1 instead. However, the older version would not even open, because it said that my library was created with a newer version. So, I went back and reinstalled iTunes 10 from scratch. Now my iPhone will sync again! Mysterious. But welcome!
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    Mlletraci: You may need to go back and change your settings on which things you want synced. In iTunes, choose your phone under Devices to the left and then Ringtones is a tab at the top.

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    I two have this problem. I tried almost every solution to be found on the internet, but none helped (haven't tried to downgrade iTunes yet though...).

    I expect the problem to have something to do with the drivers... I can still access my iPhone 3G trough the explorer (just the pictures)but iTunes won't sync anymore. After I turned off the Apple services at starting up the computer (bonjour, iPod services etc.), my computer did tell me to turn these back on though, when I connected my phone to it. So the computer must somehow know that these drivers are needed... maybe there is something wrong with the drivers itself?

    I hope someone comes up with a solution soon though, would be much appreciated.
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    Not sure what you mean about changing what I want synced...I tried with the sync only checked items and without it yet still no ring tones. It's driving me insane I'm about to throw the phone in the garbage!
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    I'm so frustrated and lost...

    Since upgrading to iTunes 10, I haven't been able to get iTunes to recognize my iPhone 3GS. I went through the whole list for "iPhone not appearing to iTunes" troubleshooting and it didn't help. I meet all of the system requirements, have tried re-installing iTunes and restarting my computer several times; nothing helps. I have no idea how to reinstall a previous version of iTunes since I no longer have the install programs on my computer. Has anyone figured out how to get it to recognize your phone? I see where some people are just having issues syncing, but I can't even get that far.

    I also have a iPod touch (1st gen) and it won't recognize that either. What can I do?
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