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Matthew Sorensen Level 1 Level 1
Hi everyone

Ever since I updated my iPhone to 4.1, I noticed that my screen would flicker from time to time. It happens mostly when I make a phone call, and the picture of the person I'm calling will flicker. When it flickers, the screen quickly dims down and then back up and it stays their. This has never happened prior to updating my phone. Its not jailbroken either. Any thoughts?

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  • andyjamesbeale Level 1 Level 1
    Hi - I am also getting a screen flicker after upgrading to 4.1 on an iPhone 3G. The brightness software seems to be broken - set to max brightness it appears ok, set to half brightness the flickering starts soon after setting and if you move it down to 30% brightness or lower the screen goes completely dark.

    Not seen anything like this until the upgrade...


  • 3twotwo Level 1 Level 1
    Me too...have iPhone 4, no issues before upgrade to 4.1...now the screen flickers in low light. If I turn off auto brightness, same problem. Shame, as I never had a problem with the prox sensor prior to 4.1 and I imagine the flicker issue has to do with Apple's fix for the sensor? Any insight would be helpful!
  • HOFFERN Level 1 Level 1
    My iPhone 3GS has also started flickering after i updated to iOS 4, I have noe idea what is wrong, but it seems my problem is a bit worse than others are experiencing here..

    When I try to hit the button to make it start, the screen usually goes "black" (meaning no lights, but I can still see the screen.. but the backgroundlight has been switched off or something.. so when I get to the home-screen or any other screen, like textmessages and so on, the light stays off... so I have to hit the sleep-button a few times before I can get it working again, and then I get to use the phone for maybe 2 minutes and the light turns off again... no idea whats wrong, I am thinking of sending it in to apple for a check...

    And for those wondering: Yes, I tried to restart it, reinstall the phone in iTunes and so on, none of the typical troubleshoots seem to work...