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First of all I'd like to apologise since I know how many posts there are on TV connection troubles, but I'm finding it difficult to find a solution.

I'm using a MiniDisplay port to VGA adapter and then connected it to my HDTV (philips37PFL5405H/12) , and my Macbook flashes blue and recognise a philips FTV monitor, but the TV is still blank. I tried all the resolutions but nothing appends
I have windows XP on my Macbook, and the dual screen works very well with the 1920*1080 resolution.

I tried for hours with switchResX to do the same resolution than with windows XP by using the EDID, but I couldn't fix it.
What else could I do ?

(I also have a mini-mac(G4) under 10.4.11 which has the same problem)
Is it possible that my new TV is racist towards Mac ?

Macbook & minimac, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    I have exactly the same problem connecting MacBook to philips 46pfl9705h. I managed to get one detail though: if you trick your MacBook not to detect display as philips tv it does work!

    Here is what I ve done:

    1. Turn off tv while VGA input is on
    2. Plug in VGA cable in tv and in MacBook.
    3. Turn on the tv
    4. Wait until it syncronizes and shows MacBook desktop

    Resolution will be wrong, but it will show the desktop. If you try to choose Detect Monitors on MacBook, the image on tv will disappear.

    I believe it's a bug in driver, and let's hope the apple almighty will fix it some day
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    I tried your solution, but even if I turn off the TV, the macbook recognise the philips FTV. And nothing appears.

    But I managed to use my macmini (G4) with the VGA cable and a resolution of 1280*720.
    It's funny because with some other resolutions, the TV writes "No signal" and I can see the osx Desktop on the background (but very dark).
    So it's working or not and I never know why.
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    I guess I'll add my two cents.
    I just recently got a Philips 32PFL3705H12, supposedly offering a native resolution of 1920x1080. Same problem here: when hooking up my macbook via the mini-DVI to VGA adapter, my mac recognizes the screen but my TV gives the "No Video Signal" message.

    This is clearly beyond frustrating now; I have ordered a mini-DVI to HDMI adapter which should be arriving in the mail tomorrow and I'm hoping that solves the problem. Still, things like this should not happen!
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    Okay, here's an addition, I managed to get it to work! (albeit using a workaround).

    This is how it works for me:
    1. Have the Macbook connected to an external display that it works with - and which, at best, supports 1080p
    2. Switch the Philips to Computer Input
    3. Unplug the VGA cable from the adapter, but DO NOT pull out the adapter
    4. Swap it for the VGA cable that goes into your Philips TV

    Doing this tricks your Mac into thinking you're still dealing with the first display, which should give you a working picture. Not the most elegant solution - having to go through a second monitor - but it works (repeatedly).

    If you like, try this out and I'd be glad if you could report back!
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    I have the same problem...
    Did it work to switch from VGA to HDMI?
    It works with mini-DVI to S-video adapter and SCART on tv, but it would be nice to use VGA/HDMI.
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    I bought the DVI adapter and a HDMI cable, and it works. Still some issues but it works...
    The picture won`t fill the screen I am missing about 2cm(1")all a round the picture. Have tryed every resolution but that is the best.
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    Hi, I also use the DVI adapter to a VGA-port on a Philips TV, model: 47PFL4007T/12 and I also had the same problem you guys describe (using a macbook G4). As above I got the low res. of a different screen at first and the everything went black when i searched for a new screen.


    I got it working when I started fidelling with the low res screen though. When i flip the screen in an angle suddenly the big 1080p screen pop up on the TV. Try it if someone still has the problem and someone still is using the old VGA-cabel instead of the HDMI.


    Peace and Prosperity