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The problem i am having is that my iphone will not sync with outlook, meaning i cannot get my calendar, contacts, notes or mail accounts to sync with outlooks.

When i try and sync through itunes i get the error message: Outlook Sync Client has stopped working.

This is causing me real trouble as im sure you can imagine.

I have the latest versions of itunes, iphone OS, outlook 2010 and outlook is not on click to run it is fully installed to my machine.

The nature of the problem suggests that i am missing something fundamental in the process - any help would be greatly received!

thanks in advance for any solutions


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    I got the same problems with win7 and outlook 2007.
    My iphone 4 does the sync (supposedly) actions but there is no iPhone Calendar items. on Outlook's Calendar and vice versa, no Outlook Calendar items on iPhone calendar. The Contacts sync gives the same results.
    The same thing happens with iPad syncing to the same computer's Outlook.
    But the strange things are still to come: When I do the iPhone sync to Outlook, then the iPad, I find iPhone items on the iPad; then I do the iPhone sync again, iPad's items are synced to the iPhone.
    It looks like there are hidden Outlook Calendar and Contact files that are synced wiith the iPhone & iPad!
    I too get the same error message, Outlook Sync Client has stopped working.