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Randolph Jakes Level 1 (5 points)
I recently purchased a new MacBook Pro and transferred all my applications and data from my iMac at work. I also transferred my iTunes library from an older iBook at home. When I attached my iPhone to the MacBook Pro, the computer and phone seemed to "contact" one another - i.e., the phone buzzes and opens to the first "splash" screen. ITunes did not start up and recognize the device. After rebooting both the computer and the phone several times, I went to the Apple support pages and followed several different support sequences. They all failed. I went to other on-line forums, and tried various suggestions, and again they all failed. Because it is a new computer, I called Apple support, and was able to get a case number, but they have also (to this point) been unable to help me. I was told that it is probably a USB port problem. However, I then went home and attached different cameras to both USB ports, and all cameras are recognized by the USB ports (both ports). I then found that the new version of Image Capture has a check box which will allow the user to select what application to auto open when a specific device is attached. I attached my iPhone, and told Image Capture that when the phone was attached to "auto open iTunes". I unplugged the phone, and plugged it back in, and iTunes 10 started up, but still fails to recognize the iPhone as an attached device. At this point I am quite sure the problem is not with my USB ports, or with an applications' ability to recognize an attached device, but instead is with the "wonderful" new iTunes 10. Why can't iTunes SIMPLY HAVE A "SEARCH FOR ATTACHED DEVICES" OPTION listed under "Advanced" so that users could have some control over when an iPhone, iPod, etc., was supposed to be attached? Any other suggestions on how to get iTunes 10 to actually do what is advertised?

MacBook Pro-15" 2.4Ghz iCore 5, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 3Gs
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    I have the same problem. I first used my iPhone (3G) on an MacBook. Then, last week I bought a MacBook Pro. I transferred all the old files from MacBook and MacBook Pro as instructed during set up. Then, I plugged my iPhone in the MacBook Pro, iTunes did not start. I follow all the suggestions by Apple, including uninstalling iTunes, removing AppleMobileDevice.kext and AppleMobileDeviceSupport.pkg files, resetting the iPhone, reinstalling iTunes, restarting the MacBook Pro.

    Nothing helps.

    First, iPhone does not sync to MobileMe. Now, this.

    Does Apple care anymore? Or it is just my bad luck.
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    You can always try going back to iTunes 9.2.1

    Also, try moving ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iTunes.* files to your desktop and see if iTunes opens. (put them back if it doesn't fix the problem.)

    You probably have, but make sure to reboot your phone (hold down the lock button on top for a few seconds), reboot your computer.

    And... this could be a simple thing like a faulty cable. If you've got another one, try that. Or make an appointment at an apple store and take both devices in and have them plug them in. Or just take your phone to a Best Buy and see if the iTunes on those computers recognize your device.
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    Oh yeah, and check ~/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins
    You may have a plugin that isn't compatible with iTunes 10.

    (btw ~ means your user home directory. So Macintosh HD/Users/MyUserName/Library/iTunes/iTunes Plug-ins)
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    Sorry. I have no luck at all. My iPhone still refuses to show up on my computer.
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    any luck with this?? i bought a brand new iphone 4 last week and it won't show on my macbook either?!??! nothing works!! it's nothing to do with the USB as they both work with other things and itunes recognises my ipod...
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    with the new OS 4.1, the problem is solved....