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Good day guys. Happy Eid to all you of you and in case you don't know the Eid, please look it up .

I got iPhone 4 around 2 months ago from the UK Store. The iPhone is amazing really. The apps on my iPhone run smoothly like never before on any iPhone I owned (I used to have iPhone 2G, then 3G, then 3GS). The stock firmware on my iPhone 4 was 4.0 when it was shipped to me. When FW 4.0.1 was released I didn't update to that firmware. However, I updated to firmware 4.0.2 when it was released. Everything was fine to me until I updated to FW 4.1 two days ago, I started to have some app crashes on my iPhone like Twitter app, Facebook App, and some few others. The apps don't really crash, only the display window disappeas. However, I could see the app when I get the apps running in the background and I can run it again, but still i dont really know why these apps keep crashing on their windows Suddenly.

Can you help me with that my friends?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Is the issue you are experiencing that you launch the application and the splash screen appears and then immediately disappears; taking you back to the home page? If so, I had a similar issue with an earlier firmware. The fix was to sync my iPhone with iTunes again--I think the iTunes account information gets out of wack sometimes after an update. Give a full sync with iTunes a try and see if it helps.
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    Hi Harv...not really the case. it usually happens after minutes of opening the app. like Twitter for example, I run the app and start tweeting and so..after 5 or 6 minutes or something like that, the window just flashes and goes away. at first I thought it completely crashes and freed from memory but when I checked apps running in the background, I found it and the funny thing is that when i resume it, it keeps working normally. Funny how I only got this problem after I updated to iOS 4.1...