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Any one using Tex-Edit Plus? I have been using it for years but recently, in Snow Leopard, it develops problems with Print, Print Preview and Print... Save as PDF. This has happened once before but I don’t remember what I did, if anything, to fix it.

When I attempt to Print... Save as PDF, a pdf file momentarily appears within the destination folder, then quickly disappears. Sounds like an Apple Finder problem. I trashed all of the Preference files that I thought might be involved, but to no avail. I also rebooted, repaired Permissions and tried an earlier version of Tex-Edit.

Any suggestions?

17" MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.3), iPhone 3G
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    Tex-Edit Plus was the GREATEST. There is no substitute for it, but it's based on the WASTE engine which requires Rosetta, and the developer (Tom Bender) has no intention of ever updating it.

    I'm still getting away with TEP (Tiger) but the day is coming.

    TEP can't be replaced by one application alone. Decide the things TEP did best for you and find the best application to use for each. Some suggestions: Jedit, Bean, TextWrangler, TextEdit (with customization)

    Here's a good thread at tidbits.com/Talk/2844