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My iPhone 4 has no 3G, edge or visual voicemail. I can only get on the internet using my wifi.

I've tried:

resetting network settings
latest ios updates
creating a backup, then deleting file '8218978e4ab0a48035bb92653145a6be872ea858' from the backup folder and restoring (as suggested in a macrumors forum)

The internet tethering is constantly searching and never stops which I believe may be decreasing battery life.

This is my second iPhone 4, my previous one had the same problem and was subsequently replaced by O2.

I can only presume it could be my sim, but is that likely?

I've read other people have had these issues, but not all simultaneously.

Am I alone here, is there a fix????

Thanks for any help in advance

pc, Windows 7
  • Marie Hansen Level 1 Level 1
    Updated from iphone first gen to iphone 4 just yesterday. I am having exactly the same problem: wifi okay, no 3g or edge, and tethering constantly tethering. What's up with this?
  • Marie Hansen Level 1 Level 1
    Went to Apple Store for help with this problem. They tested with one of their SIM cards and there was no problem with the network. Therefore, I was told this is a problem for AT&T to resolve having to do with activation. Called AT&T. Turns out that when my phone was activated, they cut off my data plan entirely instead of continuing it. After some discussion with AT&T support, they gave me back my data plan. I re-booted the phone, and everything is fine. I am happy. Everything is working on my new phone. Hope I love it now.
  • Marie Hansen Level 1 Level 1
    Per my post in this thread, call AT&T or your phone carrier and ask them to check if they activated your data plan. Or if there is some other problem with the activation. Alternatively, It could be your sim--I went to the Apple store and they tested with one of their sim cards to rule this out. That wasn't the problem. Apple did give me a new sim for back up however in case AT&T wanted to reactivate the phone with new sim card.