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super_monty Level 1 (10 points)
After only 15 minutes use of the IMAC 27 inch screen for desktop purposes such as surfing, forums word processing etc. I get absolutely head splitting head aches.

Further use causes prolonged headaches and sensitivity to bright light for most of the day, blurred vision and even lasting into the next day.

There are issues with small fonts, text blurring if I change the resolution and screen glare but I am convinced that there are problem.

Even after turning down the brightness and increasing the font size the problem persists.
I have been viewing several forums and many 27" users seem to have the same problem.

I am convinced it simply the way the image is projected and also linked to the refresh rate or equivalent. I have also spoken to a few engineer who are convinced that these type of screens are the worse possible choice for monitors.

I want to check that people with the smaller screen have similar problems if not I will be returning the unit ASAP.

I would only recommend on of these units if you are play games or listening to music, not to be used close up.

Also for the record I have perfect 20:20 vision and this issue is only with the new imac.

27" IMAC I5, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Exchange it for a smaller screen 21.5" then, oh and avoid cinemas, they have very large screens as well as HD TV's. IPS panels are by the way very good and of much better quality than the old TN ones, so your friend may want to check the facts, and you may need to check your eyesight once again....
  • super_monty Level 1 (10 points)
    If my eyes are damaged it would be because of this screen.

    I have only had it a couple of weeks all is fine if I don't use it but I am scared that keeping the machine will damage my perfect eye sight.
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    See page #68 of your User's Guide, are you sitting to close or at an improper height in relation to the Display? > http://manuals.info.apple.com/enUS/iMac_Mid2010UG.pdf

    If there is a light source behind you like a window or lamp that is reflecting off the glass, then you may have to turn or rearrange things to reduce the glare.
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    ive just brought the same 27' imac 5days ago after coming from a standard windows 20" machine
    my eye's LUV mine,it is bliss to use,.i havn't had any issues with strain or eyes etc etc,.
    thats like saying,.my thumb is sore since i got my iphone 4,. its apple's fault for allowing apps that cause it,. why does the majority seem to blame apple for there purchase mistake/s ?
    not having a dig at the OP i'm "just sayin" it shows it's not all 27" imac's give users headaches !!
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    I am low vision from birth. I am switching back to the PC, this week actually. Life will have an impact on your eyesight, not just tiny fonts on a computer. The older you get, the less perfect your eyesight is likely to be. The 27 inch screen on the iMac, is very high resolution. Tinker with the screen resolution. If it is not blurry, as it is with me, you can achieve larger fonts that way. Also, try the features in Universal Access. You will find that in System Preferences. Perhaps your eyesight isn't perfect anymore. Have you been to an optometrist lately? It is possible, if you want that large a screen, to purchase one that is the same size, but with 1920 x 1080 resolution. My eyes get fatigued but not just from my 20 inch iMac. Terrible headaches is something I'd look into professionally.
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    having spent years sat in front of flickery and burned CRT's I'd have to say the display on my iMac is PDG ! I just looked on Amazon and the only other monitor with the same resolution is on sale for the same sort of price as the iMac.

    Have you considered having a second lower resolution monitor attached for when you need to read fine text ? You can get 1080 monitors for Peanuts !
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    I found a link which made sense, it's to do with the refresh rates of the larger screens, when i turned the backlight down the headaches got worse. I turned the brightness up again then after about 4 more days the headaches lessened then went.

    here is more info:
  • super_monty Level 1 (10 points)
    some users are sensitive to the refresh rate on the larger screens, due to their vision/brain registering the light as flashing.

    Turn the brightness up sit back enjoy the pain and your brain will tune in after a while.
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    I was very sick with terrible headaches and motion sickness symptoms when I first got my Imac. Turned up brightness at full and after few days eyes get used to it .. now im working without any problems . Just put at full brightness and you will get used to it .
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    I have terrible headaches from mine too. I had to stop looking at it for good I think. I need to hook some external monitor to it if I will continue to use it or simply sell it.
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    dont sell it and don't hook up external monitor .. believe me after one week with full brightness you will enjoy your led screen .... i cant work on old lcd anymore ...