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After only 15 minutes use of the IMAC 27 inch screen for desktop purposes such as surfing, forums word processing etc. I get absolutely head splitting head aches.

Further use causes prolonged headaches and sensitivity to bright light for most of the day, blurred vision and even lasting into the next day.

There are issues with small fonts, text blurring if I change the resolution and screen glare but I am convinced that there are problem.

Even after turning down the brightness and increasing the font size the problem persists.
I have been viewing several forums and many 27" users seem to have the same problem.

I am convinced it simply the way the image is projected and also linked to the refresh rate or equivalent. I have also spoken to a few engineer who are convinced that these type of screens are the worse possible choice for monitors.

I want to check that people with the smaller screen have similar problems if not I will be returning the unit ASAP.

I would only recommend on of these units if you are play games or listening to music, not to be used close up.

Also for the record I have perfect 20:20 vision and this issue is only with the new imac.

27" IMAC I5, Mac OS X (10.6.4)