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I've been having problems with iTunes since downloading the new software for os4. I upgraded my iTunes to 9 and it worked once, in order to complete the software upgrade on my iPhone. Now every time I try to open iTunes it comes up with an error message

Cannot create the directory 'C:\ProgramFiles\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\ja.lproj\ DevicePrefsRingtones.nib'
A file with this name already exists. Please remame or remove the file and click retry or cable to exit.

I have tried looking for the file name and i can't find it, it doesn't come up in a search nor when I manually look for it. I can find other file pathways but not the ring tone one.

I think the problem has occurred after I downloaded a ringtone from a non apple site.

I'm unable to open iTunes at all. I have tried downloading a new version but it gets halfway though download and say that it already exists. I don't want to delete iTunes as I will lose all my data.

It has also corrupted my iPod function on my iPhone and that no longer works.

I hope I have put enough detail in my post for you to help, this is my first time posting!!!


Windows xp
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    When you start iTunes, do you get a message about Windows configuring stuff before the error message.

    When you start iTunes it checks to see if it is installed correctly and triggers a repair if not.

    This kind of message usually occurs when something has got corrupted.
    First try running a disk check to see if any problems are fixed. If they are try reinstalling.

    If not, try renaming the folder C:\ProgramFiles\iTunes\iTunes.Resources\ja.lproj\ as something else, then reinstall. Maybe that will trick the installer into getting past this.
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    Thanks for the help, it does come up with the initialising message first. I've tried doing the disk check, it told me to run the fix. Which I did, unfortunately that didn't work. I tried renaming the folder, it just came up with the same message but a different file name.

    Any more ideas?

    I've visited my local apple store and the genius' had a look, they were unable to fix it but they did help me create a back up so I guess my only option is to install iTunes on a new computer and replace the back up file with the disk I've got.

    Is that my only option?

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    OK, that's the simple stuff, what is the full file name now?

    If it is also in ..\iTunes.Resources it might be worth trying to delete C:\ProgramFiles\iTunes\iTunes.Resources. If there is something corrupt in there it should give an error, in which case rename it and try installing again.

    But I wonder if you have a permission problem rather than a corrupt file/folder. Do you have Windows XP home or PRO, it is much easier to look at permissions in XP PRO.
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    I have windows xp home. And yes the error message is still in iTunes resources folder. I've tried deleting iTunes completely and reinstalling bur that still doesn't work. If I delete the resources folder will I be able to retrieve the data?

    My iTunes folders are all over the place and I don't want to risk losing data!
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    Deleting the folder I suggested will not lose data. It is recreated when you install. You will not lose data.

    I want to find out if you can delete it without and error - if there is a corrupt file or folder in it it should give an error.

    Otherwise we may be looking at a different problem.

    Uninstalling iTunes should not affect your data although it is always advisable to have a backup.
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    Deleting the itunes resources folder seemed to have worked, I deleted that folder without any error messages. I then uninstalled iTunes and downloaded itunes 10. Now I have itunes back on my computer! My libary is all there and my apps appear to be stored. Now for the big question....

    Shall I replace the backup folder with the disk I got from the istore. That disk is the most up to date back up of by iphone and Im guessing the one on my computer is from when i last updated my iphone.

    Or when i sync my phone will it just transfer the details to my computer like normal?

    Thanks for all your help so far!
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    I am afraid I can't help with the ins and outs of iPhone backup as I don't have any experience with the iPhone.
    You should probably start a new thread with that specific question, possibly in an iPhone forum - in order to attract someone who knows.
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    Ok thanks for your help! I'll definatly be recommending this to other iPhone/iTunes users!