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I just purchased an ipad wi fi and 3G. I have my internet on my laptop through a usb plug. I have set up mac book pro to share the internet using airport and have a strong airport signal with the upward facing arrow on my laptop. The airport is password protected. On my ipad, i have gone into wi fi, found the network, logged in and have the tick next to the network. When I click on the arrow next to the network it has an I.P. address that begins with 169....as well as a subnet mask It does not have a DNS number or router number. Should I get these from my laptop? The signal bar is really strong on the ipad for wi fi. Can anyone help me out? I have tried forget this network and have been trying to sort his out for hours. I have been searching through the threads and other forums and cannot find any other solutions. Does anyone have any?

MacBook pro 2010 15" Processor 2.53Ghz Memory 4GB 1046Mhz DDR3, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I have my internet on my laptop through a usb plug

    I have doubts that you can use a USB dongle on your MBPro to access the internet on your iPad. I think that would require a special application but not one supported by Apple, in other words, jailbreak.

    Try Google.

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    The poster is dong what should work. By using Network Sharing on the Mac computer it is easy to set up the computer as a "router" if the internet access to the computer is via hardwire ethernet or Firewire or via a USB dongle.

    I have looked at the instructions in the Help for internet sharing and it seems that they are eat to use. However, I have not tried them since my wireless router is in one place and my computers use wireless.
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    Thank you both for the suggestions. I got up early after a night dreaming of ipads (yikes!) started up my laptop and then my iPad and lo and behold.... It's working!!!! Signal strength is maximum and the speed of the iPad on the Internet is instantaneous, and just as quick as my laptop. I didn't change any settings.... Maybe the shutdown and then restart triggered the connection to work.. Happy days!!!!
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    I use internet through USB all the time through the tethering feature of my Apple iPhone (Not Jailbroken). I have not yet been able to share my Wifi with this USB internet connection. The USB network connection appears to break as soon as I set up the share. The iPad will connect to the Wireless but will always tell me there is no internet connection. This setup works fine if I use a regular RJ45 network connection.

    I would love to hear from anyone who has managed to share their internet with an ipad through a MBP tethered to a iPhone