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    You are funny troll!
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    Dang, I just purchased mine and after reading this thread will return it.... if after a couple of days of non-use the battery wears down....
  • Linda Custer Level 2 Level 2 (330 points)
    Your mileage may vary. I brought my 6G back, but more because of the way it handled playlists differently than my 5G (Genius verified).

    I was looking at the 5G. You can turn it off by holding down the play-pause key until the screen goes dark, but I'm not sure that makes it any more off than holding down the sleep-wake button on the 6G. Apple is usually pretty smart about letting its devices go into a pretty deep sleep when they have been paused. Yes, if you have it playing music, it might run out the battery. However, if you have the music paused, I think the battery should hold up pretty well.

    I'm not necessarily defending the design, but I think it was a design decision based on how people use nanos.
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    Hold down the -Volume button, sleep, then +Volume, in that order. Hold until the iPod resets, keep the hold... The Diagnosis screen. Notice the first option? Standby. Select it with the Sleep button.
    It's as off as an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad.

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    149$ or 159€ for a highly experienced device that cannot be turned off and is therefore useless every 24h?

    If I only could return it, such a nonsense..!
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    This is simply not true. I leave mine on standby overnight and the battery does not lose any significant amount. I suspect people are accidently leaving music playing and then of course it will lose battery. Even if headphones are not plugged in it could still be doing the processing work to play music if you accidently hit play.

    Bottom line: if your nano loses most of its battery while in standby for 24hrs with no music playing, you should exchange it to Apple for a new one.
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    The iPod nano (6th generation) has a built in clock. To be able to totally cut the power would stop the clock, thus it has a sleep mode vs a "totally off" switch. Kind of like a clock radio vs a radio. You never want to totally power down your clock radio, but your radio can be totally turned off.

    I agree with BrennerM that there is probably something else going on to drain your battery if it loses most of its power overnight.
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    Well, okay I get the point. No problem, if sleep mode equals an OFF switch.
    If playing music unintentionally empties the battery:

    Maybe there's a "LOCK" or "HOLD" switch missing which could keep the device in a sleep or standby mode?

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    The sleep/wake button is effectively the "lock" button. I agree it might have been better to make it a switch, that way there is no possibility of hitting it accidently, but Apple chose a simple button exactly like on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad.

    That said, it does require an explicit button press to activate, it's not like you just tap the screen and it fires back up. Even if you hit the button accidently, it will go off again after 60 seconds if you don't touch the screen.
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    Just to chime in here. I have had mine for a week now and I have not had any issues with my pod losing a lot of charge over night.

    I use it in my car quite a bit and when it is connected it is also charging. When I put it down for the night, I pause whatever is playing and hit the sleep button and put it down. When I pick it up in the morning, the charge is just about where it was when I left it.

    In fact, after my first day of charging the thing, I forgot to take it with me. Left it overnight, then left it on the breakfast table. By the time I got back to it, it was a day and a half later and it still indicated a full battery.

    As others have stated, if you find that your new nano loses its whole charge over one night, something was left going to drain the battery.

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    Keeping your iPod plugged into a computer that is turned off will cause the battery is discharge.
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    Read all the previous comments and replies and I agree to all of them.
    Returning mine soon.
    Sad because I think it's really fun size and nice-looking.

    Do any of you have these problems??:
    The earphones that come with the 6g nano doesn't plug in to the product properly.
    When I listen to the FM radio, I have to force the earphone plug right to the end to get a clear sound, and hold it there for the whole time I'm listening.

    Also, after I listen to the FM radio for about a minute, the product goes into 'Sleep' mode and the radio shuts off as well. I thought even as it sleeps the sound must continue!! Only received mine yesterday so I haven't synced over any tunes yet. So I don't know if this only applies for radio...

    Wished I read the forum before stupidly buying it on impulse after reading the not-so-cool features.

    Apple shouldn't assemble their products in China and they also shouldn't just be concerned with/fixated on making money only. This is my first Apple product and I'm disappointed.
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    I've got an appointment at the Apple Store. They seem unaware of the problem of the battery draining. I've already exchanged my first 6th Gen Nano (I've had all six now), because I thought it had a defective battery. Now my second beautiful pink iPod Nano is doing the same thing. Did some digging and found out I'm not the only one having this problem. Well, it's off to the Apple Store, I'll post after I see what they say. I hate to have to return it. I really love the pause option on the FM radio. Per the above post, I too am having problems plugging my earbuds into the Nano, and mine are JVC brand, not the ones that came with it.
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    I found this article today and think it may be helpful -
  • carl wolf Level 6 Level 6 (14,465 points)
    Great article, and I'm sure that very few people will either read it or understand it. Some posters have theri mind made up and, dang it, facts are wasted on them.

    All iPods with clock functions require some electrical energy to keep functioning. I know that sounds amazing and I assure you it is not.
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