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    Yes people, it does turn off. What you do is hold down both the - and + volume buttons and the sleep/wake button at the same time, after alittle bit a screen with options will come up. Using the up and down volume buttons, chose "standby" After it is on standby for alittle while, it shuts completely off, and you can tell this because when you turn it on again, the apple symbol shows up as if it is booting up. Not returning mine!

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    I've never had any problems with the battery when i first got mine and i left it for a week and only half had drained, so I dont see how its losing all its battery in 24 hours.

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    This is my 2nd Nano 6th Gen.  The first had hardware issue and overheated.  This 2nd one has sw v1.1.  Using any method of trying to reduce/stop battery drain has been frustrating. 


    As example...I charged the nano completely and unplugged it at 8pm last night, and using, I turned it off.  At 8am this morning - no power = 12 hours and dead.  I had no earphones plugged in.


    I have had numerous other ipod variants, and this model, in my opinion, currently has reliability issues, hw issues, whatever..


    Gonna take it to the apple store - unfortunately a ways away and will be a bit before I get there.

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    An update...went to the apple store with this 2nd Nano.  It appears that my Nano showed some 'water damage'.  It's such a new Nano, and I can't think of anything that would have caused this, except me running with it and sweat.


    The people at the apple store were very helpful as it was a very new nano, but normally any kind of water damage is not a free replacement.  Happy with the support, but am concerned about how sensitive the new Nano is to moisture - I've gone running with my iPhone, older iPod video, older iPod Touch a billion times.


    As to the battery life, and turning on-off - the replacement works well!!!!!  Battery lasts as hoped for, and it appears that I can turn it off.  Even if some power is being consumed (don't think so), the battery life is more than enough for me.


    As for running - Gonna go hunting for some kind of better cover for the Nano to keep moisture out, and yet still use the really short headphone cords - may end up with arm band :-/ instead of clipping on.

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    Consider yourself fortunate you found an Apple store. I wasted 45 mins. today looking for one at 402 Oakbrook Center, IL only to find out it's no longer in existence, even though the store locater lists it. I needed help in updating my Nano-6thGen version to 1.1 . Now I'm stuck. I should start a Facebook page named "AppleSucks", or is that already taken?

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    You will all be please to know, as of recently (v.2.2) the iPod Nano 6th Gen CAN be turned off! I'm relieved as I just recently bought one.

    If you don't believe me, here is a quote from Apple's update page:


    "With iPod software update version 1.1 for iPod nano (6th generation), you will be able to:

    • Completely turn off the iPod, rather than just put the device to sleep.
    • Control music or radio playback using the Sleep/Wake button without having to look at the device."


    You're welcome!

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    138627 Views 200 replies, now 201.

    I was thinking of getting one these for no real good reason.

    But to see every post of torture,

    all the way to page 14 before a possible fix...


    The moisture issue was one I hoped wasn't an issue.


    I think I'll wait to page 40 to see a little more hope is universal before persuing this device.

    1 or 5 with problem Ok.

    I'll guess it's actually 50 times more,

    most never came by to share.


    Would be interesting to see the behind the scene figures world wide.


    Wish you all the best.


    Here Is Apples Latest Help as of June 11 -

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    Having just purchased a “Nano 6th Generation” I would also add that I too have found this product to be a complete disappointment. I also bought an expensive iWatchz leather strap, (more fool me) I should have done my research! I suppose Ive became lazy having been previously impressed by my Imac and Ipad. 


    I had expected to charge it once a day but find it can require 2 to three charges to take it over a twenty four hour period. Simply put, the battery is inadequate and if you have any aspiration of doubling it up as a usable watch - forget it!

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    Turning iPod nano off completely and turning it on again

    Hold down the Sleep/Wake button for several seconds to turn iPod nano off completely.

    Note: If the iPod nano (6th generation) is showing that it's charging or attached to a powered accessory or cable, you cannot turn off the iPod until you detach the accessory or cable from the device.

    To turn iPod nano back on, hold down the Sleep/Wake button for a few seconds.

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    Yeap you are absolutely correct.


    Everyone who owns one, just hold on the power button for about 5 seconds until the screens turn off by itself. 5 Seconds! If you press less than one second, it will not be put to sleep as it's on standby which consume the battery life.


    It's always the user problem and not the product. LOL....

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    I have the same problem.  


    Brand new Nano & the battery only lasts a few hours.  I always turn it all the way off.  I do not use it for anything other than music or podcasts.


    You all say take it to the Apple store.  But I didn't buy it there.  Does that matter?

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    No, you can take it to the Apple Store.

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    I use mine as a watch so I never turn it off completly. It lasts for many days in this mode. I have to admit I don't use it that much for music and I'm sure battery life would be completly different. I've had mine  and used it this way for over 1 1/2 years now.

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