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  • WDKA Level 1 (0 points)
    I read the article. Everything WAS paused. I put my Nano into sleep mode and it drained the battery, not once, but several times. I made 3 trips and put almost 200 miles on my car going to the Apple Store exchanging and troubleshooting with no success. The article is not difficult to understand, and anyone who has read the instructions would have done the same thing. It's adorable and I love the new radio features, but I will not purchase another one until this problem has been resolved.
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    Hi !

    We have just purchased a bunch of 6th generation iPod nano, and have been totally disappointed to experience the battery life problem. I have downloaded the latest software and that is not as extensive as the one came with it. However, this did not also solve the battery problem as there is no ON/OFF button..?! I am charging it again 3rd time in 24 hours!

    I think APPLE is cheating, and the lack of information over the web pages is also puzzling. I shall be very careful next time I approach to the Apple products.

    By the way, my very old 1 Gbytes iPod Shuffle is still the BEST one I have among the range of iPods I own as far as the battery consumption is concerned.

    Is the technology improving or else?

    yours ever,

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    Great find looks like i will be reordering my nano CHEERS
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    I use my Nano every couple of days for about 1.5 hrs and can confirm the battery drains in the time in-between.

    This is in my opinion un acceptable, what's happening at apple? Hot on the heels of the iPhone 4 problems and the software upgrade issues (which they denied).

    Sadly I sold my 5th .gene nano in anticipation of the new one. I will need to buy another 5th on ebay.

    This new one is going back, what a **** up by apple, a device that won't turn off for 36 hrs, unbelievable!
  • Linda Custer Level 2 (330 points)
    Well ... but ... the iPhone and iPod touch have clocks, and they can be fully turned off (hold down sleep+wake switch until you get the red swipe indicator, and swipe to turn off). In this mode, the full operating system has to re-start when you next hit the sleep + wake switch. However, a separate clock is still powered on and keeps time. An iPhone could probably sit in this "deep" sleep for a month and still have a fully charged battery. Keeping the clock running is nothing. Keeping the device ready to wake in a second takes more energy.

    The old iPods have clocks. My 80 G iPod -- full size, the one from the year just before they came out with what they formally called the Classic, I think they called it the iPod with clickwheel and color display -- goes into deep sleep if it hasn't been used for a day or so. When you wake it up by releasing the hold switch and holding down MENU, you see the Apple logo and it takes a minute or so to fully wake up. That's a deep sleep.

    The new nanos don't seem to have that kind of a deep sleep. You'll only see it if the device battery totally drains and then you add some charge. Apparently Apple has found some middle ground between deep sleep and light sleep.

    Bottom line (as others here have said): That middle ground seems to work better for some than others. The proof is in whether you put it aside for a few days (without music playing) and then find the battery has drained substantially. In that case, complain loudly. That's the only way Apple will know they have a problem.

    I am guessing this can be solved by a firmware update (through iTunes) that would re-set the amount of time that has to pass before the nano goes into deeper sleep.

    One last note: On most Apple iPod products, disconnecting earphones while playing music *will stop the music from playing.* See for yourself. Play some music, and while it is playing take out the earphones. You will see the little right-pointing triangle (for music playing) ">" change to the pause symbol (an equals = sign rotated 90 degrees). Once the screen blanks and the music is paused, very little power is drained. Once it stays in that state for about 14 hours I think, it then shifts to a deeper sleep.

    Almost EVERY Apple product has some pretty serious problems when it is first released (or undergoes a major re-design). Apple then works very quickly to fix the problem. This usually takes a few months. I've seen it with so many things. (The iPad is pretty much the exception, since I'm not aware of any really big problems with it since the April release.) I've seen it on the first nano (scratched plastic), the antenna problem with the new iPhone, MacBook fans, overheating, screens, dead power supplies on TimeCapsules that they will fix out of warrantee for free, and so much more, but Apple always makes it right and finds a way to help those who bought early.
  • Linda Custer Level 2 (330 points)
    I'm just noticing to clarify, from Apple's knowledgebase article:

    Having the pedometer on will keep the device from going in to deep sleep.

    I mentioned 18 hours in my earlier post -- it's actually 36 hours from time of last activity until the new 6th gen Nano goes into a deeper sleep.
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    I don't have the answer but an observation.

    When you listen to the music and put it on pause, then press sleep the unit appears to still have the iPod player section of the software still running. This is noticeable as when you wake up the unit the pause symbol is still displayed.

    If you then activate the radio and then press the stop symbol and return to the home screen you will see that the pause symbol is no longer displayed.

    It is my opinion and only that, the operating system is still running the iPod music player software when in sleep which causes the battery drain. I have noticed that when I have done the above procedure the battery drain is reduced.

    There needs to be a way of stopping the music player... A good old fashioned "STOP" .... If any one knows how to do this other running the diagnostic screen please let me know or Apple please sort out the problem on the excessive battery
  • Linda Custer Level 2 (330 points)
    Good observation. But I notice the same thing happens on my nano 5G, even if I hold down the play-pause key on the clickwheel to make the iPod turn off (the only way I know to turn off a 5G). The pause symbol stays there.
  • Moomintroll Level 1 (0 points)
    If the iPod nano is paused, and you press the Sleep/Wake button to turn off the screen, the following behavior will take place:

    For 36 hours after pressing the Sleep/Wake button and turning off the screen, iPod nano is in Standby, and will quickly wake up when you press the Sleep/Wake button again.

    After 36 hours in Standby with no activity, iPod nano will shut down automatically. Pressing the Sleep/Wake button after iPod nano is shut down will turn on iPod nano, and boot to the main Home screen.
  • iPod Whisperer Level 3 (775 points)
    Did you make sure the pedometer was turned off as well?

  • Larrythebrewer Level 1 (0 points)
    There's one thing I think alot of people are missing, There are 2 different screens for controlling the radio, One has the "turn off" button (the square), the 2nd screen has the "pause" button (ll) (see page 39 of the manual). If you hit the pause button, & are using the "live pause" feature, & put it to sleep, YOUR STILL RUNNING THE RADIO & using battery power. Note the "live pause" feature is continueously recording 15 minutes of music. If you tap the "turn off" button on the 1st screen, you are actually turning off the radio & therefore reducing the battery drain to it's minimum when putting to sleep. Also as another poster pointed out, disconnecting your earphones turns off the radio as well. As for turning off completely the answer appears to be no, you can only put it to sleep. So far the only time I've noticed a big battery drain is when I left the radio in the "pause" mode, with the earbuds plug in.
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    I have done all the options. But, still the battery probs! I do not think Apple will ever succeed 24 hours continuous play-back.

    I have charged the iPod 6th gen all night long, and yet in the morning less than about 2-hours battery was almost dead ever. I have fed up with this new toy, and I regret to purchase this Apple product, such a waste of time and money! Remember we pay more in Europe...

    I guess I will have to forget the Apple products for ever, in the future.

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    Followup to "Larrythebrewer's" post: I did see the two screens, one with the stop/play and one with the pause/play options. I was careful to stop my iPod and even took the added precaution of backing out of the radio feature. All other programs were off. It still drained my battery completely. I used it a total of 1.5 hours, put it on my desk and picked it up the following morning to find a dead battery. I really liked the large face clock feature. I wear scrubs to work and it clips perfectly onto the inside of my pocket. I flipped it over and pressed the sleep button to check the time and clicked sleep again. I was forced to put it away because my battery drained completely in less then 6 hours. I can't see how they can fix this with a software update. There is no "off/on" button on this iPod. I returned my second 6th gen. iPod a few days ago. I am switching to the iPod Touch. I went to the Apple store today and they were completely out of the 32G. Quite irritating making the long trip there for the 4th time in one week to be leaving without an iPod.
  • Linda Custer Level 2 (330 points)
    Well, we're not sure if they can fix it with a software update, but the whole system of the nano is software. Theoretically, a software update could at least make it better. Case in point: I had some pretty serious battery drainage problems with my iPhone. Apple's newest software fixed the bluetooth code, and voila, my battery life is now much better without any change in how I use the phone. I think they might be able to do the same thing here: Check more often and put the device in a deeper sleep when it has not been used for a while.
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    I almost did not order my Nano 6th gen due to the negative comments, however being a longtime Apple customer bought one.

    First, why do you need to turn it off? The nano's historically use such little battery power. When I got mine I charged it initally for 3 hours.

    When I want to put it to sleep, I hold down the sleep/wake button until the screen goes black. So I decided to put it to the test. After listening to music for 3 hours the first night. I put it to sleep. In the a.m. it was still fully charged.

    I own several iPod videos and nano's that have rarely been turned off. If you think about it, after working out or whatever you are doing, don't you dock it in your car, or home? The Nano 6th Gen docks fine in my old JBL soundstage which charges the battery and plays music.

    Enjoy all the features in this wonderful device! Go Apple
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