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  • jbtwochars Level 1 Level 1
    Return them all. Apple will get the point. 6 friends and I have returned the Ipod nano 6th gens. Once they fix the power off problem they can resell the returned ones at a discount. Or you would think they would fix the problem and avoid the returns.
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    What problem? I left mine sitting in a dock connected to my headphone amp for 3 days. When I took it out and pressed the sleep button you could not see that there was any battery depletion at all and the Nano had gone into a deep sleep and had to reboot, i.e. the Apple logo appeared and it restarted.

    As Carl already explained you have to leave some power running to keep the clock running. Or you can make it where you have to reset the clock every time you turn it on. It has not been possible to fully turn off a Nano since Generation 3.
  • Keven carr Level 1 Level 1
    This is insulting. 150$ plus tax so spent around 180$(CDN) To learn you can't turn off this thing? What the $?%?. What were you guys thinking asti!!!

    I called the apple store, they told me to plug it all the time... WHAT???

    Hey my printer is plug all the time and it even has an off on button!!

    Again What the %??&&!!!!!

    So I read all kinds of forum to help me out so i can shut this thing off. the closest I got too is holding the 3 buttons until it reboots and keep holding those buttons, until you get to the firmware's MENU. From there choose the "stand by mode". Looks like it's shutting down cuz when i press the sleep button again it looks like it's booting... You know what, f%ck it, I'll live with this cuz i like this product.

    Next morning go to work, and my Earphones won't fit in. I mean it fits but as soon as I remove my thumb or my finger, the jacks pops out. Tried so many ways to make the jack stay in the input. (Oh... and yes they where the earphones that came with the **** thing)

    So now i'm return this piece of crap!!.

    Seriously apple what the f%??&. Don't you test your products?

    To much in a hurry to release products before christmas right?

    Really disappointed on that one.
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    The has been no off switch on iPods since they changed the clock in them. The iPod Nano 3rd, 4th, and 5th Generation also did not turn off completely. The difference is to put it to sleep instead of having a separate switch for that you held down the pause/play button which also put the iPod play function into pause. With the 6th generation there is a separate switch so you pause the iPod then tap the sleep button. I've done this several times and it did not drain the power from the iPod.
  • Alexey83 Level 1 Level 1
    Apple, make the function "Sleep / Wake" a few minutes. Why do wait 36 hours?
  • carl wolf Level 6 Level 6
    "Hey my printer is plug all the time and it even has an off on button!!"

    Does your printer have a clock, and an alarm?
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    There is a timer in the 6th Generation iPod Nano but I've yet to find an alarm setting. Is it in there and I'm missing it?
  • electric mike Level 1 Level 1
    while on the clock screen scroll right once for stopwatch and twice for timmer
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    Yes, I said I knew there was a timer, what I was asking the other poster was the location of the alarm function (there isn't one).
  • Faromir Level 1 Level 1
    I've the same problems as already described in many posts. I experienced the biggest problem for battery drain over night are plugged in earphones. So try to remove them after each use of the iPod.

    I am very angry about the battery capacity!!! I thought a lot about buying the 5th oder the 6th generation. One of the main reasons for buying the 6th generation was the incredible play time of up to 24hours.
    It is completely unbelievable for me how another user can post, that he reached up to 26hours of play time. I recharged my iPod about 5 times so far and up to now I never even reached 10hours of play time (even if I'm only listening to complete playlists with switched off screen).

    Is this the regular battery capacity? If so then I feel betrayed by apple - I would never have bought this one. This isn't half the playtime apple claims to have with this iPod!

    I am really disappointed!
  • 4Shanti2 Level 1 Level 1
    I am so angry that I can't turn this thing off when I am done. I have to charge it every single night or it dies. How the heck did Steve Jobs think this was a good thing?? I am ready to return it as I already had to return the 5th generation because it stopped functioning. This is my last iPOD..I am going back to San Disk where I have had not one problem in the 3 years I have used it.
  • 4Shanti2 Level 1 Level 1
    Just where is this sleep button?? Is it the larger button on the top right? I have tried everything and can't get it to stop playing even putting it on one of the other options like radio etc doesn't turn or pause it.
  • deggie Level 9 Level 9
    You mean you aren't capable of pushing the pause button on the screen, removing your headphones, and pushing the sleep button on top? Because I've done this many times and I don't have to charge mine every day. Maybe yours is broken.
  • CandiceAnne Level 1 Level 1
    I have been waiting for my own first iPod for years. I have raised 9 kids, 6 of them foster. One of my kids has 4! My sister finally got me my own for my birthday, yesterday, December 6. Like everyone else here I can't shut the **** thing off. I did hit the pause since I couldn't find any instructions for on/off even online and it was the best I could come up with, and I woke up twice in the middle of the night to the distant sound of music to find it playing AGAIN! The battery was nearly dead this morning. This so *****! I'm in tears. I really wanted the Classic which does have an OFF switch but it was so much more. APPLE you so weren't thinking! I should have realized when the first thing in the instructions wasn't "how to turn it on and off" that I was so screwed. It's going back and I will buy a knockoff Classic that I can turn off for a fraction of the price. Oh, and Apple, we were looking at laptops for two of the girls still in college, you are definitely off the list of candidates.
  • DustinBartlett Level 1 Level 1
    Read this thread after I got my nano, but before I'd gotten my music all converted and on it. I've had mine for about a week now. I've fully charged it once. Haven't charged it since and have listened to it over 10 hours and let it sit the rest of the time (both with and with out headphones plugged in over night). It's close to the battery indicator turning red to indicate 20% charge left, but still hasn't yet.

    I've simply made sure I pause music or exit the radio, then hit the sleep/wake button to turn the screen off when I'm done using it. Has shown no appreciable drain while in this sleep mode over night. Don't think I'll get the 20 hours advertised for play time, but over 12 hours should be no problem.

    If you can't get a week in sleep mode and 10+ hours of play time, you're not stopping the music/radio/timers before you press the sleep button or your unit is defective. If the 36 hour for a further shutdown is true, I'd expect you could get a month of standby in this mode.
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