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I have been trying to pair my white bluetooth Apple keyboard with my new iPod touch. The iPod has no problem recognizing the keyboard, which pairs fine with my Mac (I make sure it isn't paired with my Mac before I attempt), however after about a minute of attempting to pair with it, it tells me the pairing was "unsuccessful". Any ideas?

Mac Mini 2.4GHz, iMac G5 2.0GHz, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 4GB iPhone, 1st+4th generation iPod touch
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    It probably will not pair. The iPad will not pair to the white keyboard so I expect the iPod Touch to act the same.
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    My white keyboard did the same thing until I put brand new batteries in the keyboard. The old batteries tested good but new batteries seemed to do the trick. Keyboard works great now. Good Luck
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    How new is the device and what capacity?

    Sams is still selling 3gen itouches and the 8gig model will not pair with keyboards even with iOS4.0 installed.

    Reports indicate that higher capacity 3gen touches will pair with keyboards.

    4gen touches should pair as it seems that it has some substantial bluetooth fixes in place... for example, keyboards will automatically "re-pair" after a disconnect where they will not on the iPad.

    Beverly Howard
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    It is a fourth generation. I have found that if while attempting to pair you press enter on the keyboard, the screen momentarily displays the code to enter on the keyboard to pair, but quickly is replaced by the "unable to pair" message. It appears that the keyboard is compatible, however maybe it is code in iOS that it blocking it.
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    if while attempting to pair you press enter on the keyboard <<</div>

    It's confusing...

    Start over... turn the keyboard off and bluetooth off, then turn bluetooth back on and then the keyboard...

    ...then, do nothing and wait. If you press <enter> in an attempt to be recognized, the pairing process will assume a bad code has been entered.

    When the keyboard appears, tap it on the touch but don't touch the keyboard

    In time, you should be presented with the pairing code ...

    ...type those numbers in and press enter and wait again.

    Don't use the numberpad if your keyboard has a numberpad... the pairing process is looking at keyboard codes and, in my experience, pairing will only be successful if you use the top row of numbers.

    Hope this succeeds,
    Beverly Howard

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    Addendum... most most bluetooth devices have a "pairing" step. Check the specs on your keyboard to see what's necessary... with keyboards it's normally pressing a button for several seconds or key combination.

    These also "time out" if you don't start the pairing process quickly enough.

    Hot tip... write the pairing initialization process somewhere on the device and keep a "BTPairing" diary in notes or elsewhere... invariably, when you need to pair, there's no easy way to find the steps and no two devices seem to use the same steps and codes.

    Beverly Howard
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    With new batteries I just tried to pair an Apple white BT keyboard to my 32GB 4G and while the iPad sees the keyboard it just continues to search. Same happens with my iPad.
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    I tried <<</div>

    Since the bluetooth paring process is a series of steps involving both devices where any missing or incorrect step will end in failure, can't help beyond this point.

    Since the bt implementation is different in every model and with each iOS version, that may be a factor, so, posting the specific device details will help... in my case;

    8gig iTouch
    iOS 4.1 (8B117)
    Model MC540LL

    Since your keyboard is apple and I was able to pair two different non apple keyboards with both a 4gen iTouch and an iPad, I have to believe that either there is an os version issue, there is a hardware problem or a pairing step has been missed.

    Beverly Howard
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    You do not understand where I am going with this. If I follow the normal pairing steps, and yes, I am fully aware of the proper procedures, the pairing always comes back as unsuccessful. However, I have found, that if during the attempted pairing you press enter on the keyboard it will momentarily display the pairing code.
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    I would like to thank you for your input, it has been helpful. I think I am going to buy a new aluminum keyboard, I prefer them for typing anyway. Thanks for all the help.
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    Thanks for the followup... it was noticed and appreciated.

    fwiw, I have been dinking with bluetooth since it was introduced to pocketpc and windows the better part of a decade ago and is still mystifying and frustrating despite owning about twenty bluetooth devices and having helped countless others getting BT devices paired over that period.

    There are so many points in any pairing process where each step can stymie success and the number of iOS' bt differences between devices makes it even more difficult, especially when trying to help remotely and unable to see all of the steps and pieces.

    Assuming the keyboard pairs with other devices such as your desktop, I keep coming back to the specific iOS device model and firmware since I have experienced different issues with every BT iOS device I have worked with.

    I look forward to hearing how it goes with the new KB.

    Beverly Howard
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    I also want to know how it goes with the aluminium KB.

    Phil in Berkeley
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    Have a brand new 4th gen 32gig iPod touch and a new aluminum wireless keyboard. Keyboard will pair with my MacBook. I deleted the device from my laptop and turned off bluetooth. The iPod will see the keyboard. Say's it's not paired. When I touch the keyboard button on the iPod the Touch tells me that that the keyboard is now discoverable but the little wheel just spins. I never get to the screen to type in the code. Am up to date with 10.6.5 and iOS 4.2.1
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    I had the same problem with my Macbook Air connecting with my 1st gen alum. keyboard.  It would see it but would not connect.  My keyboard would never go in the discovery mode (blinking green light).  I took the keyboard to an Apple store and it connected with one their computers fine.  They recommended I remove the keyboard from the bluetooth menu.  I tried and never could get it removed totally from the computers bluetooth list.  The tech recommended I run a restore and start over. I was ready to do this when I thought if I could just get the keyboard in the discovery mode maybe the Mac will see it without doing a whole reset.  I turned the keyboard on in discovery mode outside far away from my Mac and the green light started blinking.  I took the keyboard into the house and it linked up to my Mac fine.  Sent out a code which I typed in and I am back up and running on a bluetooth keyboard.  Hope this helps someone else.