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Can anyone help me better understand (and perhaps prevent) some of Finder's funkier behavior? I'm coming from the land of PC (thanks for the warm welcome) but find this jumping around really confusing and troublesome.

I'm on a 13" MBP and when I try and uncollapse a folder, I think I want finder to stay "focused" on the folder that I am uncollapsing. Right now it seems to (?) jump all the way down, or all the way up, to whatever folder happens to be /selected/. This means that I am /constantly/ scrolling through a list of 100's of files to get /back/ to the folder that I am interested in.

Finder should know this since it is the folder I just uncollapsed...

Since the "selected" folder is totally irrelevant to me it is a total PITA to constantly be running around like this.

Do I /really/ have to select the folder I am uncollapsing and /then/ uncollapse the folder in order to get finder to stay focused on the folder I am interested in and I am uncollapsing?


Mac OS X (10.6.3), Mac Pro, MacBook Pro
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