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My girlfriend just bought herself a MacBook Pro. When she was setting up her iChat, she used a GMail account instead of creating an @mac.com account. First, is there any way she can still set up her @mac.com account? If I'm not mistaken, you can only make an account once. Since she chose to use a GMail account when logging into iChat for the first time, does that affect her eligibility to sign up for a @mac.com account? I cannot seem to find where I would set up an account for her. Secondly, if she does use her GMail account, would that allow us (me using an @mac.com address) to chat on iChat? I can't seem to get it working. She will add me, and I will add her, but when she appears on my buddy list, she is always offline and the messages I send to her never go through (and vise versa). Are we doing something wrong?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Gmail and .mac accounts dont mix.

    See pic to add another account.

    Get a free .mac HERE

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    What Defcom's pic does not show, or rather only does so by implication of the Bonjour item being so far down, is that he has other accounts that he has edited out of the Pic.

    My Pic

    From iChat 4 you can have as many accounts/Screen Names logged in to AIM as you create.
    These would include the Free @mac.com one Defcom has linked you to (registration page) and AIM ones and also MobileMe ones from Apple. MobileMe are free fro the Trial Period but this requires a Credit Card up front and Active discontinuation before the 60 Days are up - or you get Charged.

    Jabber IDs come from different servers.
    GoogleTalk is one such server. There are man, many others.
    Using a Google Email account name which you can register for on Web page is the exception to most registrations fro Jabber servers.
    Most require that you do so with an App that is capable of Jabber Registrations which iChat is not.

    This tends to mean using a Third Party app that can log into a Jabber server.

    This goes to the heart of what Defcom said about which names can be added to which Buddy List.

    GoogleTalk using a Jabber server means you can add Jabber IDs from other servers (And vice versa)

    Any Name that Logs in to the AIM Servers can be added to a Screen Name's Buddy list that is logged in to AIM (you can have AIM, @Mac.com or MobileMe and Add the same).

    Having said all of that both Jabber and the Apple type of names that Log in to AIM look like email address (and in some cases are).
    In fact AIM have made other agreements with ISPs similar to allowing Apple Email IDs as Valid AIM Names -meaning some other AIM names can end with @someserver.com

    As this @Servername.com is also standard amongst Jabber servers it means that you can type an AIM name as a Buddy to add to a Jabber/GoogleTalk List and it look s OK to the servers (The same is true of adding an Apple ID to the Jabber or Google Buddy list) The Buddy just looks continually Off line in both cases.

    I hope this helps.

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