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I have custom ringtones for my iPhone 4 that I created on my Macbook Pro. I created them properly, converting to ACC format, trimming length, and then changing the file extension to m4r. I added them to my iTunes library, and everything worked fine.

Recently I transferred all of my media to a desktop running Windows 7. Now, when I try to import these same custom ringtones into iTunes 10, they are added to the Music section instead of the Ringtones section.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Windows 7
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    I'm having a similar issue and am about to pull my hair out.

    I created the tone, changed the extension to .m4r and they don't just magically pop into the Ringtones area like people keep telling me they are suppose to. So there are no ringtones to sync. I can unsync everything and drag a ringtone onto my phone, but then only one tone will show up, instead of the multiple I've created.

    Please, if anyone can help!
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    in itunes i went to file>add to library and found the files i wanted to add. before i did that i did two things: itunes>preferences>general and checked "ringtones" and itunes>preferences>advanced and checked "copy files to itunes media folder when adding to library" hope it works.
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    I finally found the solution to my problem. When bringing the ringtone files from my Mac to my PC, for some reason, Windows still read them as .m4a. I had to go into folder options and uncheck Hid File Extensions in order to actually change the files to .m4r. Before doing this, they showed up as filename.m4r.m4a

    Hope that helps everyone else having trouble with custom ringtones on Windows.