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My wireless network is on the time capsule. It also contains backups of all my Macs. Since it is 2T there is a lot of space on it. I put a couple of documents that I want to access from each Mac, yet not store on each Mac.

I would also like to access these docs from my iPad. Is it possible for me to see my network from my iPad?
Is there an app for this? I do not want to put these docs on MobileMe, just want them on my own network.

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    It depends upon how the Time Capsule is configured. I have a LaCie NAS that includes a FTP server. I can access the FTP server via AirSharing HD.
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    From any Mac, I can see other Macs in the Finder under SHARED. I can also see Time Capsule. If I click on Time Capsule, I see the hard drive in the Time Capsule.

    Does this mean that I could see the hard drive from the iPad using AirSharing?
    If so, do I need the HD version or would the iPhone version do?
    That way I could also use it with the iPhone as I also want to access the same documents from it.

    And if so, do I need to have any Mac on? I don't want to see any files on the Macs.
    The time capsule is on the same network and always turned on.
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    I do not have a Time Capsule so I really do not know if you can "see" it on the iPad. I looked at the information in the Apple store but did not find out how the Time Capsule is broadcast over wireless. With Air Sharing I can also see my Mac computers as well as the LaCie NS.
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    take a look @ [FileBrowser|http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/filebrowser-access-files-on/id364738545?mt=8#].


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    Zumocast - http://www.zumocast.com/ works great on the iPad. Once you install the server software on your PC or Mac you can select the Time Capsule and make it accessible to the Zumocast app on the iPad. The app will read most document, video and music files.