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Vern Dempster Level 1 (20 points)
Continuing afp user issues. 2 weeks ago, over the weekend did a complete clean 10.6 server reinstall- upgraded to 10.6.4, ditto copied mail and restored ldap users from backup.( can do it in my sleep now) A wonderful faster server- all working well for 10 days and now back to crashing regularly ie users lose connection to their home folders in the users folder. the server keeps working but must be restarted to fix user folders (often this happens during the same period - same classes). Please can Apple or any of you offer thoughts. This is a 4 month nightmare since 10.6.3 that makes apple servers look second rate. My 10.6.2. web server is still running flawlessly. I have contacted support and got 3 sympathetic listeners but no solution forth coming and no followup at all from support.- this is cross posted from 10.6.3 crashing in setup and migration sorry but I am now desperate. How can this work well for 10 days then start crashing? I suppose if I did it again I might get another 10 days of peace.:-(

xserve, Mac OS X (10.6.4)