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I updated the software to my iTunes & iPhone to the latest release this evening. Prior to the update, I was able to sync my iPhone to my iTunes with no problem. After the update, I received error stating, "The iPhone "iPhone" could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (1611). I spent about 30 minutes on hold with Apple and they told me to change my cable, use another usb port on my BRAND NEW iMac, and reboot my computer. It was recommended that after no resolve that I bring my NEW iPhone down to my local Apple store. Nothing seemed to improve my situation and hearing this just made things worse off. I would like to know if anyone else has experienced this problem. It could just be a problem with my phone or perhaps another issue with apple not testing their software out before releasing it. I hope it is my first assumption and not the latter... Please let me know if you have encountered this problem with the latest iPhone update release...


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    I am also having this problem. I've been playing with it since 11AM when I tried updating to iOS 4.1 . Prior to it, I was able to sync songs, movies, apps without a problem. Then I got a 1004 error when I tried updating. When I called Apple, representative told me to try updating on a different computer, so I did. I ended up with a 1611 error
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    same problem here iphone 3gs just randomly crashed. went to do custom restore to 4.1 ios. no error just hangs at about 2/3 on the iphone progress bar and itunes does nothing saying "restoring iphone software". ok w/e i figured id just update and restore then. no. same issue. now, after trying and trying to find a fix i end up here cuz now i am recieving "error 1611" after itunes says "preparing iphone restore". the strangest part is that the iphone gets to the silver logo and progress bar where it looks ready during this time. then, reboots back to "connect to itunes" screen. this is when i get the 1611 error. do i take my phone back to apple for a refund? i know they might offer to replace it but if this is whats going to be happening when i just bought this phone brand new 2 months ago, i dont think i wanna pay them to sell me such highly priced hardware that just becomes a flashy paperweight so fast.

    ...and yes i have tried rebooting my computer, reinstalling itunes, dfu mode, and using a second computer and usb cable. still wont fix... guess its no phone till i get to the mall again one day...