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How does one use one's US account to buy songs only available at the UK store? Amy Macdonald's new CD is available on UK site, not US, but am denied access to buy on UK site. Do I have to set up an entirely new account? Ideas on work around?

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  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 Level 6 (18,820 points)
    To set up a UK account you need a UK credit card and a UK address. When I want UK only music, I order the CD from amazon.co.uk
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    Thanks Jim -- I was afraid of that when they asked for a UK address. Though why VISA (or iTunes) in the 21st century would care where you spend your money escapes me. I can buy Apple accessories from China over the web in two seconds and have done so. I mean on your iTunes account you can put any old address down how would iTunes ever know? No wonder 98% of all song downloads are illegal shares when the songs you want are right there but you can't buy them. Ah well, obliged.
  • varjak paw Level 10 Level 10 (169,810 points)
    Visa doesn't care, nor does Apple as such. The content owners, however, do not allow cross-border sales, so Apple is forced to verify your residence in the country whose iTunes Store you wish to use, and the only practical way to do that is to require a credit card or prepaid card from your country.