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  • jweisen Level 1 (0 points)
    What I also noticed yesterday was that when the skipping occured, everything that I have going on stops for a second. It's like for that brief moment something very high priority interrupted the cpu and put everything else on hold (I keep going back to the spotlight indexing service). I wonder if I can turn that off as a test?
  • Lindsay Schnebly Level 2 (165 points)
    I've wrestled with this issue, as well, for a year now. It most assuredly is worse when I'm on the web while streaming music through itunes. It's as if they compete for attention and bandwidth.

    It's also worse when I try to use my VOIP system (Vonage).
  • Colin Robinson Level 6 (8,315 points)
    Try turning Activity Monitor on from the Utilities folder in Applications.
  • TokyoBay Level 1 (0 points)
    I have a similar problem, exactly like what you have described

    I always think I have been kind of like a mossionary to promote a better way using computer to improve lives & work.

    Anyhow now I facing a pesky problem with my powerbook:

    I am using Powerbook 17" HD-DL,
    found the famous [Powerbook Stutter] or [Powerbook Audio Loop] problem early.

    The first one I bought from Ginza Applestore, has a problem of sleeping with left side of the screen flashing vaguely, and also has a problem of being unable to give out any Disc smoothly, discs get out only halfway of the distance from what they should go, and reluntently. Went back, Ginza Applestore switched my existing one to me.

    Found this one has [Powerbook Stutter] or [Powerbook Audio Loop] problem,
    Called Japan AppleCare, the one who answered the phone said it was the first problem they heard.
    They had me reinstalled System, not better at all, foolish was I!

    Now I am in Taiwan, wanwanwanwanwanwanwan,
    And Apple now has a funny service system design,
    from the original Australian team with Chinese from Taiwan, Hongkong & China,
    now it seems they use a system to sub-out the job to mainland Chinese speakers.
    The attitude is apparently colder, more solumn & attacktive, rather than the original warm, passionate, helpful.

    I called this Applecare Taiwan,
    they claim, again, that my case is the first they ever heard.

    From the first time I called Applecare taiwan, after they set up a case number for me, till the 6th time I call them, themthemthemthemthemthemthemthem,
    still there would be the applecare China guy telling me that the [Audio Loop] "Application" that I used is not produced by Apple, so they cannot offer any help.

    I really feel like to knock on someone's head & ask: "hello, anyone there?"
    After exlaining [Audio Loop] is NOT an application, but the problem of this powerbook, and I like to have a solution, probably someone to tell me which preference file to throw away.

    During the process, I have been told to use the checkdisc to check the hardware, zap the p-ram, create another account, do an archive install, & an erase install. All to no use.

    Then they told me I have to go to a closeby Applestore to put there at least one week or two to wait to be fixed. xedxedxedxedxedxedxedxedxed.

    From the way they replied so carelessly & without any concentration, I have lost my confidence trusting them.

    From my experience first using Macintosh Plus, this is the most unpleasant experience.

    I am posting my experience here, just to make this matter known to everyone, and hoping Apple to solve this pesky, irritating, bothering problem ASAP!

    An I encourage anyone registering here:
    From what I just checked now, there are 483 users who is bothered by this. thisthisthisthisthisthisthis
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    Hi all. Same thing here when I upgraded to the shiny new quicktime. I fixed the problem though. I went into the Audio MIDI Setup application (found in the Utilities folder), and changed the audio output format from 48kHz to 44100Hz.

    I have not yet experienced the problem again.

    Hope this works for you all too,
  • Mark Block Level 2 (270 points)
    I don't have this problem, but I remembered reading about it on MacFixIt. Here's the official Apple Knowledge Base report:

    Apple says it's fixed in 10.4.5. If that's not the case, here's what MacFixIt suggests as workarounds:

    "Potential workarounds:

    "Turn AirPort off It appears that in some cases, this issue may be related to the presence of an active AirPort connection. As such, some users have reported that turning Airport off then restarting their PowerBook resolves the issue, which returns as soon as the AirPort connection is re-established.

    "Delete iTunes Helper Login Item Some users have reported that disabling any login items that make use of audio mechanisms eliminates the issue after a restart. This can be accomplished by opening the "Login Items" pane of System Preferences and unchecking the appropriate items.

    "Turn of volume feedback Some users have reported that entering the "Sound" pane of System Preferences and de-selecting "Play feedback when volume is changed" resolves the issue."

    PowerBook Titanium 1GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.4)  
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    I just upgraded to 10.4.5 and I'm testing it out now. I'd encourage everyone to do the same and let us know what the results are.

    Hugs and kisses on all your pink parts,
    The Original Poster

    15" G4 Powerbook Mac OS X (10.4.3) Shiny
  • Timothy Davis1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Still skipping. Again, mine is (obviously) not the powerbook specific issue.

    The network app in use is SoulSeeX/ssX, although it also happens with downloads in safari, limewire, bittorrent, etc. All audio is affected... QT, itunes, WMP, VLC and more. I've learned to just separate my downloads and music listening, which is obviously not the ideal solution.
  • Caley Level 1 (0 points)
    I feel your pain. Any sort of upload network activity causes my audio to stutter terribly, even if I put a USB sound output device in use...
  • Richard Allgire Level 1 (10 points)
    I took my Mac to an engineer (Mac expert) at the TV station where I work. He reinstalled I-Tunes and did some other stuff (deleting preferences and things I couldn't follow) and I Tunes was working great for almost two weeks.

    Now the stutter, pop, sputter play-stop-play-stop is back.

    By the way, the same thing happens in Gargage Band. I record my own songs by laying down a drum track and adding guitar (Real instrument) and vocals. Now my Garage band tracks do the same thing.

    I hate it when they (APPLE) come out with updates and new versions of things that aren't ready to be released. When my computer is working fine nothing ticks me off more than installing something new and it has bugs.

    I have tried every suggestion in this thread and my audio still stops and starts. Grrrr...


    G-5 Dual 1.8   Mac OS X (10.3.8)  

    G-5 Dual 1.8   Mac OS X (10.3.8)  
  • Richard Allgire Level 1 (10 points)
    I have just noticed that the STOP/START sputter, hickup, glitch problem is affecting any application that plays audio on my computer. Streaming video clips from ESPN pause and halt, stop and pop.

    I just checked out a streaming MP3 online radio broadcast (from a reliable source) and it sounds just like my I Tunes- spurt, sputter, stop and start.

    This is annoying. My Mac cannot play any kind of audio without this interruption.

    Any suggestions?


    G-5 Dual 1.8   Mac OS X (10.3.8)  
  • jim stewart4 Level 4 (1,155 points)
    I have it too....dual 1.25GHz G4, stutters mainly when I am browsing with safari but processors are just ticking over. Happened in a recent upgrade to system or quicktime Fine if I am not using the computer
  • Schmelkus Level 1 (5 points)
    I have it too. Songs seem to have all the info, in that there is time left, but they just stop, and move to the next. This behavior is mimicked on my iPOD, and is not random in that once a song demonstrates the behavior, it does not resolve unless i replace that song from a backup.

    This is easily the worst thing I have experienced in using iTunes and my 3 ipods, and there better be an answer soon, or I will lose a lot of faith in my digital music library as implemented by Apple and Mac through iTunes and iPod.

    I have thousands of songs, and find a new "incomplete" song everyday.

    I have not tried rebuilding my database, as I have literally hundreds of hours put into this via Ratings, Album Covers, Lyrics, etc. but if that is a sure fire fix, I will try it. Mostly I'd just like some official acknowledgement from Apple on the issue.

    That said, it does not seem that all people here are having the same trouble.

    Ideas? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

    G5 Dual 2.5   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   Started when I moved to my new g5, or soon after, about 3 months ago
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    I have a dual 2ghz G5 w/1.5 gig RAM. My 2 Maxtor 120 gig 7200 rpm are strip RAID'd. My point is this G5 has massive power and yet iTunes 6.0.4 still randomly hick-ups for a full 1-2 seconds, just whenever.
    I could be just typing an email or surfing the web.
    BUT, this is not the first time I noticed this problem. It's been there in most if not all the previous versions of itunes.
    AND, I changed computers from a G3 B&W to this one.

    I hate the disruption of the songs but I just don't have time to be Apple's troubleshooter.

    I hope someone figures it out.

    G5 Dual 2ghz, 1.5 gig RAM   Mac OS X (10.4.5)   striped RAID
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    I am also experiencing this. Using camino and opening pages it will cause a very short skip in itunes occasionally. I've also experienced this when using ichat. I've had this imac g5 2.1 w/ isight since november and am now experiencing this. I have a fairly good size library 63 gigs, 12000+ songs. I also have an airport express setup but i dont think that has anything to do with it since it also occurs with the speakers in my system also. I know for sure it is not the encoding of my songs. The majority of my music was ripped w/ EAC w/ all of the proper settings configured ie, offsets, no caching etc... so i know the problem is not how the music was ripped.
    I have a 1.5gb of ram so that shouldn't be an issue either. It doesn't make sense for a modern day system to produce skips like this