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I have setup home sharing through iTunes 10 on my desktop pc (Windows 7) and MacBook Pro however it doesn't seem to be working as expected.

I can browse all of the laptop media and play it without any issue when I'm on the desktop machine, but when I try to access the desktop's library from the laptop the home sharing doesn't appear in the iTunes shared area.

I've tried disabling home sharing and re-enabling (many, many times) and all this has done is to cause the home sharing to (occasionally) re-appear on the laptop for a few minutes. If I'm quick enough and click on it before it disappears I can establish a connection. As long as I keep streaming content all is well, but if I let it go idle for even a few minutes, I'm back to square one, and the sharing disappears.

Even stranger; even though the shared library has disappeared from iTunes on the laptop, it often reappears after about ten or fifteen minutes, but I'm still unable to connect to it. Clicking causes it to disappear again.

I have also disabled all firewall software on the desktop and laptop to eliminate that as a cause for the problem.

Finally, no matter what state the shared library is in on the laptop (hidden, connected, showing), it has no effect on being able to access the laptop's media from the desktop. Also, the problem seems to be worse when I'm using the laptop wirelessly. That is to say, the desktop shared library disappears quicker, or doesn't show up at all, when I'm wireless.

I'm out of ideas on how to fix this, and I'd appreciate any suggestions.

Added more details

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • notanumber Level 1 Level 1
    Forgot to mention that this happens whether I'm using a wireless connection or not. Being plugged into the network through a cable doesn't seem to have any affect on the connectivity.
  • Townytown Level 1 Level 1
    Similar problem - my NAS (WD mybookworld 2Tb) has disappeared from itunes after I upgraded to v10. It was in home sharing so the kids could acces my library. JT
  • macinsetex Level 1 Level 1
    I don't like to add, "me toos." However...

    Since upgrading to iTunes 10, my home Apple music and AppleTV network is a MESS.

    FREQUENT resets of the AppleTV and/or relaunch of iTunes (10) to re-establish communication to the streaming computer on Airport Extreme with a MacMini using the LATESTS 10.6.4.

    I have three Airport Express modules that lose connection to iPhone Remote program AND iTunes. Resets are frequent. This is HORRIBLE! My entire home entertainment network is a shambles!

    This situation is 180 degrees different from iTunes 9.X

    I hate this system! FIX THIS. PLEASE!
  • notanumber Level 1 Level 1
    So, I have something to look forward to once my Apple TV arrives sometime in "September"? Awesome. I hoped this was isolated to my MacBook Pro, but it sounds like it might be affecting Apple TV as well.

    Maybe I should cancel my order. The thing would be useless to me if I can't stream content from my desktop seeing as the option to rent tv isn't available in Canada.
  • Townytown Level 1 Level 1
    V10 now calls my NAS "unnamed playlist" - which eventually loads as mybookworld. Why do we have to go through this pain with each new version?
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    I'll also throw my "me too" in the hat.

    Only for me, since upgrading to v10, importing new music into iTunes from my network Windows XP share is PAINFULLY slow. Importing 2 albums - about 20 songs - took about 2 hours. This has NEVER been a problem changes to the music server and it has always been nice and speedy regarding music importing before.

    Anyone else have this issue? Should I downgrade iTunes?
  • StuRob Level 1 Level 1
    Has there been an update or something that's broken home sharing?

    I have the main collection of music on a Windows 7 PC, plus music on a MacBook Pro and another Windows 7 laptop.

    If i have iTunes open on all three, only the desktop can see the two laptops, the two laptops can see nothing, but when you click on the laptops library on the PC, it just simply bombs out and goes back to the music section of its own library.

    I've de-authorized all the computers, re-authorized, setup home sharing (although I'm using another term for it at the moment) on all three and simply go back to the part where the PC seeing the library and can't browse.

    The PC has McAfee AV on it, using it's own firewall and even turning that off fails to make things work.

    There's too many people seeing too many similar problems for this to be just a coincidence.
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    I've noticed that, in a pinch, I can get the sharing working by closing iTunes on both machines, reopening it on both, then connecting to the laptop from the desktop. Once that's going, I can (sometimes) connect to the desktop from the laptop.

    Better not let that connection go idle though... Needless to say, this *****.
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    Mac OS X
    Based on a post from Keith K in the iTunes for Windows forum, here is what fixed the problem for me (at least for a Windows PC that was not sharing):

    Make sure that Windows Firewall is allowing iTunes through.

    On the Windows PC, click Control Panel, Network and Internet, then select Firewall Settings. Under "Allow a program through Windows Firewall", make sure the box for iTunes is checked.

    For some reason, installing iTunes 10 on my Windows Vista PC unchecked the firewall setting for iTunes. It had worked fine under iTunes 10.

    Hope this helps at least some of you!
  • notanumber Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the suggestion. I checked my firewall and confirmed that iTunes is allowed through the firewall. Unfortunately, it didn't fix the issue for me, at least.
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    I just bought a new MacBook tonight, replacing an old iBook G4... First I couldn't do the Migration utility (which after looking around online I realized was probably good that it didn't work since I guess the PPC things could mess with the Intel-based ones on the new laptop) and now when I go into iTunes to try to use Home Sharing it doesn't work either. The same thing that happened with the Migration Utility I think - they can't see each other on the same network. I've done everything everyone else has said here and like everyone else it's been a no-go.

    HELP, Apple... This is an inauspicious beginning to a relationship with a computer that I hope to have for a good four years at least!

    I can back the old library up on DVD and transfer it that way, but this is just silliness...
  • notanumber Level 1 Level 1
    Anybody have any luck getting this working? I'm still struggling with this. I'll gladly add any information potential troubleshooters want.
  • blumaleah Level 1 Level 1
    after a visit to the apple store genius, i got home sharing activated on both my imac and my laptop (after following all the setup instructions and making sure firewalls were deactivated on both computers. but music transfer is another issue. it was my understanding that i would be able to transfer any music between the two computers; both computers are authorized to play purchased music and both computers are on the same account at the itunes store. but. only music purchased AFTER the home sharing was activated will transfer from one computer to the other. music purchased before activation will not transfer. any fix to this? before i have to go back and bug the so-called genius again???
  • notanumber Level 1 Level 1
    Continuing the saga of trying to get Home Sharing to work.

    I received my new AppleTV yesterday (yay!) and hooked it up only to have the same issue. It's definitely something to do with Windows.

    The AppleTV has no issue whatsoever connecting to my MacBook and Airplay works flawlessly.

    The there's iTunes on Windows. Like the MacBook, the AppleTV can connect to the Windows iTunes library if I restart iTunes and connect right away. If I let the connect go idle between the two devices, it's game over until I restart Windows and/or iTunes on Windows. Needless to say, this is a pain. It sort of defeats the main purpose I bought the AppleTV for (streaming from my desktop).

    So, while I'm losing hoping her, I'm hoping this additional information might be of some use.
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