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We have purchased 10 iPads for our salespeople to use as handheld presentation devices. The only application we have on there is the free version of FileApp (I am planning on having users connect their iPads to their PC to transfer pdfs, spreadsheets, etc). What I am unsure about is what we should be doing with device registration and Apple IDs.

I set up the first batch of 5 on my computer under the same Apple ID, but from what I understand our users will not be able to sync their iPads with their own PCs with this setup. The iPads are owned by the business offices rather than individuals (they will be shared) so it is difficult to pin down which user will be using which device, which means we cannot necessarily use the user's email address as their Apple ID.

Another wall we've come upon is how to centrally manage app purchases? For instance, we might like to upgrade to FileApp Pro, but we don't want to leave the company credit card details on the devices permanently.

In this kind of situation, what is the best way to go about setting up and managing these devices?


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    Excellent questions, I am in the same boat, we purchased 5 iPADS, and they want to use them in presentations for .PDF and Word documents.

    I let each user create an account on their own PC, now I am looking for some way to globally or individually manage the software loads, and any other aspects of this appliance.
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    Welcome to the discussions. Whilst you await possible specific answers, here's Apple's support page for iPad in enterprise systems:


    ...Despite its name, the +"iPhone Configuration Utility"+ mentioned there also supports iPad & iPod touch.

     ~ Alancito
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    Alancito wrote:

    ...Despite its name, the +"iPhone Configuration Utility"+ mentioned there also supports iPad & iPod touch.

    Unfortunately, the latest iPhone Configuration Utility (3.2) is incompatible with iOS 3.x devices:

    From: http://developer.apple.com/library/ios/#featuredarticles/FAiPhone_ConfigurationUtility/Introduction/Introduction.html

    *Note: Configuration profiles created with iPhone Configuration Utility 3.0 or later are for use only with devices that have iOS 4 or later.*

    The iPad is a iOS 3.x device until November.
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    I actually just downloaded 3.1 to manage iPads and iPhones where I work... go to the link provided and download the iPhone Configuration Utility. That page takes you to the download of 3.1.

    As far as deploying goes, my company has 2 profiles and 2 policies. 1 profile and policy governs company purchased and owned devices, and the other is for employee purchased and owned devices. For devices we own as a company, I use our company Apple ID and I do not allow syncing to personal computers (I do however set it up with one computer and allow them to sync to their work computers). I set up the corporate devices with the iPhone Configuration Utility and then have them sync to their work PC in front of me. If they break the rules for the corporate devices, they can lose their job. For personal devices, I set up using the iPhone Configuration Utility and then they are free to do as they wish within the parameters I set. If they want to do whatever they want, they cannot use their devices for work.
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    Thanks for the reply, what you are doing sounds like what we would like to do. Could you explain your setup a little more for me?
    Here is what I am doing:
    1) Plug iPad into my work computer, with itunes signed in (on my pc) as my apple id
    2) do initial registration
    3) update iPad is necessary
    4) sync with my computer (free version of FileApp and some bookmarks)

    Here is what our plans are after this:
    5) ship iPad out to sales office
    6) have user install itunes on his/her work PC
    7) connect iPad to work PC via USB and copy documents to FileApp through itunes

    I'd like to avoid setting up seperate AppleIDs for each user if possible (we won't know for sure who will be using a device at any given time), but if we have to set up AppleIDs then so be it. What our users need to be able to do is plug the office iPad into his or her work PC, and copy documents to FileApp through itunes. What I am worried about is how to manage this all:

    -if the iPad is initially set up with our company Apple ID and the user then syncs his iPad with his work PC, will the device basically be reset to zero?
    -not sure at all how to deal with purchased from the app store. We may need to upgrade to FileApp Pro, but we can't just leave the company credit card info on these things. I was thinking of maybe purchasing itunes cards and having the users purchase the app with these, but then what happens when a different user has to use the iPad and syncs with his work PC (possibly using a different apple ID)?

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    I would recommend looking into getting a sync & charge device for your company.  Using this device you can sync all of your company's iPads up to one library simultaneously, making for easy management.  If security is an issue you might also want to consider getting an iPad cabinet, which syncs, charges, and secures the iPads.  There's more information available at www.ipadcart.info.

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    I know this is quite late in the timeline but Maclocks has a great line of charging storage cabinets for iPads (and other tablets) http://www.maclocks.com/ipad-enclosure-ipad-mount-ipad-kiosk/ipad-cart-ipad-cha rging-cart.html



    I was looking at the kensington version of this and found that they are actually sourced from China and I would questiong the quality, look for yourself: http://www.chen-source.com/products_detail.php?p_id=195&level0_id=3&level1_id=49 &level2_id=  and http://www.kensington.com/us/us/4481/K67862AM/charge-sync-cabinet-universal-tabl et-%E2%80%94-black


    I have dealt with the maclocks team a lot and spoken on several occasions with the designers and trust and recommend their products.