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So let me get this straight: to sync a video I shot on my iPhone it copies it to iPhoto (where I can't really play it or even find it easily). But say I want to put said video BACK onto my iPhone. I have to copy it to iTunes to do so?

Is this whole iPhoto/iTunes mess really this bad? I really don't want to believe it.

In order to manage my videos I have to make multiple copies of them, dragging them between programs? Want to find all the videos you've imported into iPhoto? Have fun! We didn't make it easy! Also, you have to watch them in a third program!

I'm an avid mac user. I'm just so disappointed that they still haven't built their iTunes/iPhoto ecosystem around video. Something that has been available since the 3GS.

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    man, this really makes me hate apple. love their products but these clampdowns suck hard.

    I'm a software engineer and I can't find my f*king videos I shot on my iphone once they sync on my computer... like seriously, why isn't it in a folder I can easily navigate to??

    this is where Android wins big time, ftp into your phone, grab whatever you want, and you can just plug your phone in and grab anything you want from the folders on the phone memory .. awesome!!!
  • Jim VanLeeuwen Level 6 Level 6 (18,820 points)
    You have two choices.

    You can use the iTunes Photos settings pane to sync photos and videos (videos can be synced with Macs only) from iPhoto to the Photos application on iPhone.

    If you prefer, you can drag the videos from your iPhoto library to your iTunes library. Then you can sync them to the phone's iPod app as movies.

    The first frame of a video clip is shown in your iPhoto library with a camera icon and its total running time displayed at the bottom of its thumbnail.