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    So mickon how did you get on? What is your experience, where did you go to buy it? Did you get it or did they not have it in stock?
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    Well mickon there is a word you need to learn in English that does not exist in your vocab "SHARING"...this is how forums work. It is give and take not just give.

    For anyone finding this thread - as of 18 November 2010 you cannot buy an iphone 4 from any Apple reseller in HongKong - I have been to many of them including the ones in Mongkok computer centre and no one has it and no one has any suggestions. Some even now have signs saying NO STOCK.
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    I have been following up with a friend in hong kong for the last 3 weeks.
    Apple stopped taking online orders for the iPhone 3GS & 4 since October 22.
    Just this morning, the Apple stores started accepting orders - and were selling them OTS! - by the time I was informed of this development, all iPhone 4s were sold out!
    The HK website is taking online orders only for the 3GS model; however, given the demand scenario, I'm assuming it'll be a while before I can get myself a shiny iPhone 4.
    Also, as rightly pointed out, Apple resellers will NOT be selling the iPhone 4 as of today.
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    Yep agreed. As of today you cannot buy an iPhone 4 at hong kong prices. You could buy an iPhone 4 from some small shops at higher prices - but I would not trust them.
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    Another small update: It seems that Apple is informing it's stores only about an hour in advance that it will send them like 10 phones for sale. These must be sold only to customers in the shop at the time - no prior intimation is allowed.
    The good news is that, well, Apple IS shipping iPhones to Hong Kong after nearly a month!
    Everything else is bad news!
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    Can someone tell me where the official Apple store is located in HK? Or isn’t there one yet?

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    it is my last day here and well I have some theories after talking to some shop owners.

    First the facts - all OFFICIAL sources of iPhones are sold out. - All unofficial sources have iphones for higher prices - at least 120 to 200€ more.

    Today by chance ONE and only ONE Broadway shop in Mongkok had iphones. Yesterday they did not. But they were selling them at about 150€ more than the real price. I thought Broadway was an official reseller and thus was not allowed to do that.

    My theory is that HongKong is the world stage for prices. Apple like for example Samsung (Galaxy Tab) create a cheap price for a product here in HongKong this creates a base price for the product and I would call it the classic BAIT - then limit supply to almost ZERO. My theory is based on the fact that all Carriers who demand a long contract all have loads of iphones in stock.

    I have also followed this theory on the Samsung Galaxy Tab which is pretty cheap here in Hong Kong but you cannot as of today buy one WITHOUT a contract. All the shops have no stock. But the carriers DO and of course there are the shops that sell them to tourists for 150€ more.

    Then you get the smart ars shop owners on Nathan Rd. They will try to tell you that they are all sim locked and that is why his costs more. If you are a dumb tourist --- by it.
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    I do not think there is an Apple Store in HongKong - just an online one. At least I could not find it.
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