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I came across an old video I had thought I had lost a while ago. It was saved in iMovie as an .rcproject, so it could only be opened in iMovie. (I have iMovie '09) I believe it was made in iMovie '08, though.

However, after many times of opening this file, I found it couldn't open. No reaction from my Mac. When dragging and dropping, I was greeted by: "The file will not be imported. It is not compatible with iMovie." It is 100% .rcproject file, though. Why is it not importing? All I want is the .rcproject to be converted to .mov or something similar that can be played on my Mac. I need to watch this video, but I can't open it. Help anyone? Ideas or a converter, maybe?

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    First, you need to drag this file to the Movies/iMovie Projects folder on your Mac.

    Second, if this project referenced any Event files (containing the video you imported), then that needs to be in the Movies/iMovie Events folder. (The exception is if you imported your video clips into iPhoto).

    The RCPROJECT file is a text file that contains instructions for which portion of the Event Files iMovie will need to create the movie, along with instructions for music, transitions, etc.

    Also, the RCPROJECT file may contain finished, edited movies if you used the SHARE menu to Share to the Media Browser or to Share to iTunes.

    To see if this is the case, you can right-click on the rcproject file and select SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS. If any movies were shared, they will be in the Movies folder in the rcproject package.
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    Okay, I have it in iMovie now.

    To clarify things, I got the file off a CD. It was just a Final Product, no events. It wasn't edited off my computer either. I had no record of it until today when I found the CD.

    So it is in iMovie but with the message: Source file is missing. I can see all titles and credits, though.
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    It would be best to talk with whoever created the original RCPROJECT File and see if they can provide you with the Events.