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My mac no longer boots up to the desktop. The logo will appear, a little gray wheel will spin for a long time, and eventually the screen will go entirely blue.

I've tried what the manual suggests and unplugged the computer, booted it up while holding down the options key. However clicking on the HD icon doesn't do anything. Sometimes I can click on the arrow underneath it, and it will go back to trying to boot up, which fails.

I think the problem started with a Firefox app I downloaded. It was featured as an app of the day, Read it Later, but the computer became unstable after installing it, with Firefox freezing up, and the OS telling me that the whole computer needed to reboot. This happened several times, after which the computer began hanging during boot. A couple times a flashing folder (that may have had a question mark), would appear during the boot instead of the apple logo. That hasn't happened since I unplugged the machine though.

Please help me get my Mac running again! I have a lot of important personal and business files on it!

iMac5, Mac OS X (10.4.10)