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Since installing the new iTunes update, I have not received any notifications of updates for Apps for my iPad. I continually check for updates in both the iPad Applications icon and the iTunes store on my Macbook. Each time the only line I get is there are NO updates available for all the Apps on my iPad. Usually, when I check these places, there are at least one a day. It's now been over a week, and I have yet to get any updates. I wonder if this is another bug in the latest iTunes update?

ipad syncing with Macbook, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Are you sure that there have indeed been updates to the apps you have? Just because there has been a pattern of frequent updates in the past doesn't mean that it will continue. One would actually hope that a developer would get any given app to the point where it doesn't need continual updates. Go to the iTunes Store iTunes on your computer and see if there indeed have been updates released for your apps that are not being reported on your iPad. If so, post back and we'll take things from there.

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    Dave, you were right.
    I'd been searching for any apps that had been updated since your reply. Although I could not find any, I was still fearful that the iTunes update notification still wasn't working. However, today I finally got a notification that an app needed updating. Hurray!!
    Thanks for your initial quick response. It was reassuring.
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    Your message was so much like one I posted a few days ago that I had to check to make sure that it wasn't mine.

    The only difference was that I had never connected iTunes to my iPad after initial setup in April.

    After months of seeing an average of 1 update a day on my iPad, and never going more than 2 days without an update, it had suddenly gone 8 consecutive days with 0 updates.

    I eventually got my iPad sync'd up to iTunes, but still no updates (119 app's).

    I called tech support and couldn't get them to understand that the fact that individual app updates are random doesn't explain the complete cessation of updates for 8 days and counting.

    However, within about 4 hours of hanging up the phone, an update appeared in both iTunes and on the iPad. And they have continued to appear as before.

    Cause and effect? I suspect so.

    The simplest story that I can make up that seems to fit what I've seen is as follows:

    1. When Apple updated iTunes recently, they forget to restore a SEND_UPDATES? switch to ENABLE.
    2. After I called, someone checked and noticed that updates were being blocked, and fixed it.

    Regards, Don