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The topic says it all. The catch is that I do not means photos from "saved photos". I'd like to share some photos from other events or albums with a friends mac. Same could be said for getting photo off an iphone. Any help would be appreciated.

macpro g5, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    When you sync your iPad/iPhone to your Mac iPhoto or another specific program should automatically open and ask if you want to import photos from your iPad. In iPhoto's preferences make sure the in General the Connecting Camera Opens is set to iPhoto.
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    The ipad does show up in iphoto the iphoto program only sees the "saved photos" album. I was able to import the two images from the "saved photos" album but the problem was they were just screen shots I have accidently made while playing with my ipad. I had a similar problem trying to do the same thing with my iphone. The iphone showed up in the imac iphoto but only showed the album that had pictures taken with the iphone camera. I have a ton of albums on the ipad and iphone and the imac's iphoto app does not see them so I can't import them.
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    I was just playing around with my iPad (and new iTouch). When I connected my iPad (no photos added since last sync) iPhoto added but, as expected, no photos are shown to be imported. However, on the iPhoto screen they is a check on the box that says hide photos already imported. Maybe your photos are already imported.

    How did you get your photos on your iPad?
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    Another thing that should work if you have the program Phone Disc installed on your Mac. If you open Finder you can see some our your iPad's file structure and transfer file, including photos directly via Finder. Today was the first time I looked at Finder since I installed Phone months ago. I copy one photo from my iPad to my desktop and it worked.
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    Perhaps it was not obvious but I put many photos into the iphoto program on my imac. I then sync'ed my ipad and iphone with my iphoto library on my imac. So almost all the photos I have on my iphone or ipad did not originate on those devices. The only photos that seem to be available for downloading to another computer without doing a sync are those photos that DID originate on the ipad or iphone.

    I did look at the phone disc program and can see files on say my ipad but the photos are stored in a library file that I have no idea if it's compatable with iphoto on the mac. My guess is not although I guess I could see.
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    I think that for security and copyright reasons Apple make it very hard to get information out of an Ipad by connecting it to other than the syncing computer. You can use the free app DropBox to upload photos from your iPad to the cloud (DropBox) and then you can down load them from any computer (with proper login).
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    You can use the app PhotoTrasfer (app store) to transfer up to 50 photos at a time from the iPad to the mac.
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    Just wanted to thank you for a suggestion that worked. Fortunately I already had the app but didn't realize it's capability.
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    I have a similar issue with Iphoto in Mac only see partial photos in the IPad. I tried import from IPhoto, and another method is have IPad dock as a harddrive device. On both methods, IPhoto only see that same small subset of pictures. Would you let me know how you have this resolve so the IPhoto can see all the pictures. Thanks.
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    Try the Image Capture app on Mac? It allows for manual sync between iPad & any Mac, folder-by-folder.