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Hi everyone,
recently I had used Quicktime Player 5 and it worked fine with Pinnacle Commotion Pro which is of course an "older app". Since I work with Premiere Pro CS3 I upgraded the Quicktime Player, now running version 7.
But Commotion Pro can not identify this version of Quicktime. Obviously too many things have changed for the newer version (Registry, System files,...).
In fact Commotion Pro requires Quicktime to start. Now it complains "Sorry, Quicktime version 4 or later required". Then it shuts down. No more chance to work with it. But quicktime is intalled!

I think there could be two ways to solve the problem and I ask you for help:
Is it possible to run Quicktime 4 or 5 PLUS Quicktime 7 on one system ?
If not, how could Quicktime 7 be identified the same way as Quicktime 4 or 5 by a program that currently can't identify it ?

Thanks in advance,

PC Intel Quadcore, Windows Vista