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My Mac Pro is receiving power as are the monitors, but when I startup the power light immediately starts blinking on the tower and does not stop. The fan powers up in this mode for sure b/c you can hear it, however the monitors do not. I've tried resetting the PRAM on startup, but it immediately goes to blinking light mode while doing that as well. cd/dvd tray won't open either, so can not try to startup from disc. Any advice? Mike

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.5.8), dual apple monitors/4gb RAM/
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    The Mac is telling you that there is a RAM problem.
    If you have recently added RAM, remove it.
    Otherwise, reseat all RAM.

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    Thank you for the response. I have after market RAM, I bought from Other World Computing; however this RAM has been in the computer for a while without problem, probably 6 months since last upgrade. I pulled each and re-seated them, then tried powering up with no luck. I even pulled one altogether and left the other set in and still no luck. Advice from here??? Mike
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    They have to be in pairs in 2006-2008.
    Try one pair at a time. A1/A2 (and A1/B1 for 2008 3,1)

    RAM fails. Marginal, defective, whatever. FBDIMMs are subject to heat, why there are those heat sinks.

    And you really want to be running fans 400 rpm higher than base defaults with SmcFanControl 2.x

    Try with just OWC and pull Apple also.

    Run Memtest / Rember / Apple Hardware Test