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my university email account is with microsoft outlook which has a calander function. within this function i have my calander and permission to my tutors calander containing our timetable which she shared with me through microsoft exchange. i can view this calander on my computer and i have synced my itouch with this email account where on my itouch i can read my emails and my calander. but how can i make it possible for me to view my tutors calander on my itouch?

mac, Mac OS X (10.6)
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    A subscribed calendar and synced calendar are completely different... If she is cool with you having the ability to screw up her calendar, then you will need the server name, her username, and her password to sync an exchange calendar. If she isn't cool with that setup (I definitely wouldn't be) then you will need the URL where it is published to, and you will add it as a subscribed calendar...
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    i see.

    the other alternative would be for me to view it via safari with wifi but the version of safari on my itouch does not seem to allow me to view the full version of outlook only the lite version which does not have the ability to view shared calendars amongst other things. i wonder if safari will be changed so this is possible.
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    On your iPod Touch:

    open Safari
    login to your Google Calendar (this will automatically show you the mobile version)
    scroll to the bottom of the page, and select "Desktop" to see the Desktop version.
    From there you can select "settings>calendar settings>calendars" to add calendars/setup sharing/etc.

    Hope this helps!