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I updated to iTunes 10 and it will play all my music, however, it cannot DISPLAY any of my music. The songs are all there and I can play them, but they do not show up in the Music tab, or in my playlists. It's as if they're invisible. Even new songs that I import do now show up, even though they play. It appears as if I have no music, even though its all there.

Macbook, Mac OS X (10.5.6)
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    I'm having the same problem. Just bought a new iMac...imported my library from my MacBook Pro, and now I have this problem. Didn't have this problem on my MBP after I upgraded to iTunes 10...very strange. And annoying.
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    Same problem here. It is infuriating. My iPhone wont show up either so I cant update to 4.1.
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    Similar but less serious problem. I upgraded to iTunes 10, and now songs are showing up in some playlists but not all. The Never Played playlist and the main library are missing all the songs I've purchased or imported since the update. They still show up in the Purchased and Recently Added playlists though. Before, Recently Added was also broken, but a restart seems to have fixed this. Strangely enough, songs aren't being removed from Never Played after being played.

    It sounds like iTunes 10 has trouble updating library and playlist files.
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    OK.... So doen anyone know how to fix this issue. Just got a new 17inch MBP and restored from a backup the iTunes music. I can play all 17000 songs, just can't see them.... ***?

    Deleted everything in iTunes and reinstalled iTunes 10 then imported one song... Same thing, Will pla but, can't see it in the list.
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    same issue here. updated to itunes 10, everything was fine, then bought a new mbp used the migration assistant to transfer everything now the music list panel is completely blank even though the music is actually there. if I hit play, my music plays, but I can't see the listing. If I resize the window, the pane where the music is listed doesn't refresh and you redraws all wrong with aberrations. Deleted itunes 10 and reinstalled, and still have the same problem. Reset my library to the default directory, then back to where my music folder really is, and nothing. Completely stumped at this point. Also did the reset pram thing, and didn't help.
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    UPDATE : I did a software update check under the apple menu, and had a huge update download (11gigs), after that itunes started working right again.
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    I was just having the same problem after I updated to iTunes 10.0.1

    BUT, the problem fixed itself after I restarted my computer. (the iTunes 10.0.1 update did not require a restart)

    so try restarting
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    Same thing going on with me: I had been having these random crashes of the OS (black screen unresponsive, had to hard reboot). Geniuses told me to try and reinstall the OS over the existing one. After doing so. I get the same issues you describe in itunes. the music is apparantly in the lib b/c if I click on the play button it plays music. if I resize the window I get repeating trails of the frame of the window.
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    Same problem, same solution. After tearing my hair out reinstalling iTunes from scratch, running software update and installing whatever it came up with fixed the problem.
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    its an annoying glitch with the ping sidebar. click on view and hide the ping sidebar.. then click on view, go to column browser and show the column browser. that should do it you may need to click on movies and back to music. hope the fix that soon i would like to use my ping sidebar.
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    Same Problem. But i can still play all my media in Front Row. But for those of yo like me where apple is saying you'll have to pay to get this fixed one time over the phone, if you use your iphone or ipod touch as a Remote for iTunes you can still add music to itunes using what ever other methods used besides itunes. from your iphone/touch use can make playlists that you can still drag onto your iDevices. Its a tad annoying to do but if your a media man like me you'll do what you can until you can do what you want.