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My wife got a PC laptop and I have no router, can I use Airport to let her connect to the internet through my IMac. If so how would I do it.

IMac-2.0-20" aluminum-3gb ram, Mac OS X (10.4.7), intel
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    If you haven't already purchased the AirPort Express Base Station (AX), I would recommend that you get a USB wireless adapter for the PC laptop instead. She can then connect the laptop wirelessly to the wireless network created by your iMac. Later, when you decide to get a dedicated wireless router, you could connect both computers to it.
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    How do i set my IMac to send the wireless to her usb adapter. Bluetooth, airport or something else. I do not have airport base station and my Imac is hard wire to internet modem.
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    In this scenario, you will want to take advantage of OS X's Internet Sharing feature. In this particular case, you will be sharing your iMac's Ethernet connection to the Internet modem out of the iMac built-in wireless (AirPort Card).

    The following would be the basic steps to configure your iMac for Internet Sharing:

    To setup for Internet Sharing (Wired to Wireless):
    Setup the Network
    Cable Modem > (Ethernet cable) > \[Ethernet port] Mac_#1 > (wireless) > PC Laptop

    Enable Software Firewall - iMac
    System Preferences > Security > Firewall
    o Block all incoming connections (enabled)

    Enable Internet Sharing - iMac
    System Preferences > Sharing
    o Select "Internet Sharing" from the options in the left column
    o Share your connection from: Built-in Ethernet
    o To computers using: AirPort (checked) (Note: Uncheck all other entries in the list.)

    AirPort Options...
    o Network Name: <anything you want>
    o Channel: Automatic
    o Enable encryption (using WEP) (optional)
    o Password: (optional)
    o Confirm Password: (optional)
    o WEP Key Length: (optional)
    o Click OK

    o Select "Internet Sharing" again
    o Click "Start" to start Internet Sharing
    o Click Start