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John Capra Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
Looking at the new compressor presets for "H264 for iPad and iPhone 4", there is a Average data rate of 10Mbps with a Maximum data rate of 4Mbps. It's early in the AM here but isn't it impossible to achieve an average of 10 when the Max can only be 4? Seems like these two values are inverted?

Conversely, the Apple TV setting above it is Average of 5, with a Max of 14, which makes a lot more sense.

Both are 720p res. Thoughts?

Mac Pro Quad 2.66, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    get any where so far? how do the output look? shame on apple for neglecting this very important setting. sometimes i wonder if its there way of putting a cap on iphone publishing. witch makes absolutely no sense, it would seem they would get behind some proper settings witch deliver smaller file sizes, i mean come on? they must have a few lying around considering they run the best looking trailers online.
    apples pro support has gone from bad to unexceptionable. where as the pros are the ones witch helped apple get where there are today.
  • wallybarthman Level 3 Level 3 (690 points)
    From looking at the new presets I don't see anything about max bitrate - all I see is bitrate and frame sync.

    Looking inside the encoding... I threw a 1920*1080p30 clip at both presets.

    The iPad and iPhone 4 preset generates 1280*720p @ 30 fps video, encoded at 7.6 Mbps. Looking even deeper, it's h.264 high profile, Level 3.1

    The AppleTV preset generates 960*720p @ 30 fps (16:9 aspect ration), encoded at 5.0 Mbps. It's h.264 main profile, Level 3.1.

    Frankly I think 10 Mbps for the iPhone 4 is really a waste of space - I've encoded things at 960*540 @ 3 Mbps and they look really really good on my iPhone 4.

    The other odd thing is I didn't think that the iPhone 4 support high profile h.264 but it copies and played on my iPhone 4 just fine.
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    wallybarthman wrote:
    From looking at the new presets I don't see anything about max bitrate - all I see is bitrate and frame sync.

    John's talking about the information displayed in the Summary tab of the Inspector (and, yeah, it's a goof on Apple's part, it's gotta be 14 Mbps, not 4), while you're talking about the Encoder tab figures.

    I agree 10 Mbps is awfully luxurious for 720p content -- I wouldn't go that high for 1080p stuff, myself -- but I suppose it makes sense from an iTunes library standpoint, needing just one file for both devices.