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(I hope this isn't superfluous; I have seen similar problems posted but no solutions that solved this problem, so here goes...)

I recently bought a 27'' iMac (3.2 GHz Intel Core i3, OSX10.6.4) and all was fine and dandy until yesterday when my internet connection suddenly got very slow. It takes FOREVER to load pages, if they load at all. The rest of the iMac is fine as before, which leads me to conclude this is an internet issue.
I cleared the cache and browsing history in Google Chrome and no improvement. I tried using Safari and Firefox and they were slow too.
I also have a MacBookPro (2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, OSX10.6.4), so I checked the internet speed on that and it was normal. Both MBP and iMac are connected via an Airport Express.
I searched various forums and threads for a solution, but I know very little when it come to these things so I quickly got stuck in technical jargon.
I've tried to change the DNS server settings (first to and, then to and but this has not helped.

Does anyone know what has happened here and, more importantly, how to fix it? I am completely stumped! Please help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    The DNS settings in your modem may be overriding the DNS setting that you are trying to use in the Network settings of your Mac.

    You may need to reconfigure the modem with the DNS settings you wish to use. This may be protected by password in the modem and your ISP may not give you access to these settings. But if you have access, follow the instructions at OpenDNS for configuring your modem.


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    The weirdest thing happened with us earlier. We have 4 iMacs - we use 2 and have a couple spare.

    Earlier today our connection just 'died'. They either wouldn't connect to the router or the internet would be painfully slow. We couldn't connect to the router or it kept dropping out. A windows laptop had no issues at all - my iPhone had no issues at all.

    We've been pulling our hair out all day tying to figure it out but noticed if we move the iMacs a few meters away they work fine?

    We cannot find any new electrical items nearby so do not have a clue?

    Try moving your iMac into a different room to see if it does owt?
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    I too have a similar problem, intenet on my iMac runs blisteringly fast until the hours of about 8PM - 10PM (normally) and then it just grinds to an absolute halt. My Windows PC keeps on working though... on the same internet connection and as the same speed as before. I checked, they are yon the same wireless connection. After 10PM, magically, the iMac comes to life again and we carry on as if nothing has gone wrong. If anyone can shed light on this then it would be MOST appreciated.
    Internet does not stop, it just slows to circa 6.5kB (on the Mac) whilst remaining unhindered on the PC. Is this a virus?
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    If you live in an area where there are a lot of wi-fi networks you could be competing for the same channel. Most people never change the channel on their router and leave it to the default setting which is normally 5 or 6 not knowing routers usually have 11 available channels. Download iStumbler (Google it) and it will show you all the networks within range and what channels they are using. From there it's a simple matter of changing your router's channel to one not being used. You will probably have to refer to the router's manual for instructions on how to do this.